Here at CorpNet, we are passionate about helping people start a business by filing incorporation paperwork online. Every day we work with new entrepreneurs and small business owners who are bringing new enterprises to life. Saturday, November 26 is “Small Business Saturday,” a day dedicated to encouraging people to shop at small businesses to reward these companies for the many contributions they make to our workforce and our economy.

Since everyday at CorpNet is “small business day,” we’re pleased to help promote “Small Business Saturday” and we encourage all of our readers to patronize small local businesses – if you aren’t already doing so – as part of your shopping on November 26.

Why is Small Business Saturday so important?

Saturday, November 26 is the day after “Black Friday” – one of the busiest shopping days of the year. When people are out shopping for holiday gifts, we hope they won’t look only at the big chain stores; instead, by promoting the idea of Small Business Saturday, we can help shoppers recognize the great deals and unique shopping experiences available at their local small businesses. Whether it’s a shopping outing at a small retail boutique, a visit to a locally-owned hair salon, a refreshing getaway at a local massage therapy studio, or a dinner out at a locally-owned restaurant, there are numerous ways to help your local economy and support your local entrepreneurs on Small Business Saturday.

CorpNet’s favorite businesses for Small Business Saturday:

Here at CorpNet, we’ve helped thousands of small business owners incorporate a company and handle their business filings. Here are a few of the small businesses in our local area (Southern California) who we’d like to spotlight:

Cardio Barre® (Owner: Richard Giorla): Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift for someone who loves dance, music, movement and camaraderie? Sign her (or him) up for a challenging, invigorating class at Richard Giorla’s Cardio Barre®. This is a one-of-a-kind fitness experience combining ballet training with cardiovascular and strength exercises – all in a fun, fast-paced, energetic and supportive environment. I am a long-time ballet dancer and I practice ballet at least 1 hour each day – and Cardio Barre® is THE BEST. What could be a better way to support a local small business while also changing your life with an amazing new workout regimen? Check out the Cardio Barre® website for locations and more details.

DePaz Energie CardioStudio (Owner: Jonathan DePaz): Interested in looking your best for this holiday season and shedding some major pounds quickly to the hottest music in town? Try former national figure skater, Jonathan DePaz’s, Cardio Kick & Sculpt & Skatergie™  Classes in Westlake Village, CA! Jonathan is a personal friend and one of the hardest working small business owners I’ve ever met filled with an abundance of positive energy. Come sweat to these intense high energy CardioKick and Skatergie classes focusing on core strength and muscle conditioning. These classes combine continual fat-burning exercises with martial arts, kickboxing and Skatergie™ moves to your favorite club music songs; Not only will you burn those calories away, but you’ll trim those unwanted inches off your body instantly! I’m a HUGE fan of Jonathan and his cardio classes – so check out DePaz Energie Cardio Studio on Small Business Saturday! Also, take advantage of DePaz Energie Cardio Studio’s holiday special: 3 months of unlimited classes plus a FREE private training session for only $130 (a $295 value!) Mention: CorpNetNellie!

Discovery Marketing Solutions, LLC (Owner: Jim Stratton): Small Business Saturday is not for buying gifts. It can also help you get professional services and consulting to strengthen your business. If you need help with your small business marketing, check out Discovery Marketing Solutions, a local California small business owned by Jim Stratton. His company takes a unique approach to online marketing, centered on ethics, accuracy, and results. In fact, with their “Pay for Performance” compensation, they don’t get paid unless your company sees improved sales results.

Stevenson Fitness (Owner: Chris Stevenson): Another great holiday gift for the fitness junkie on your shopping list – if you’re located near Stevenson Fitness in Oak Park, California, this would be an ideal small business to visit on Small Business Saturday. Chris Stevenson is a longtime personal trainer and fitness coach who decided to launch his own business to do things differently from how they were done at the big fitness chains. He has created a unique, welcoming, energizing atmosphere at his gyms, with top-notch facilities and a great mix of classes and fitness programs for all ages, so “you always feel better leaving than you did when you came in.” I’m a huge fan of Chris Stevenson and his amazing gym – so check out Stevenson Fitness on Small Business Saturday!

Small Business Saturday comes only one day per year, but at CorpNet, we believe in supporting small businesses (just like us) all year round. Small businesses employ 77 million Americas (making up 57% of U.S. workers and 44% of America’s payroll), and 60-80% of new U.S. jobs come from small businesses.

Happy Small Business Saturday! I hope that soon this day will be just as recognized as Black Friday and Cyber Monday as a way to celebrate and support the small businesses that are the backbone of America’s economy.