Article ImageWhen you run a small company that helps people incorporate a business online, it’s not every day that you get to be featured in the same magazine as Cindy Crawford – but this month, it actually happened.

In the new issue of my local community’s magazine, Westlake Malibu Lifestyle, Cindy Crawford is on the cover and CorpNet and I are featured on page 40 under the “What’s New in Town” section of the magazine that highlights local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Many small business owners focus on online marketing and social media since those are new and exciting – but don’t overlook the importance of getting featured in some of your local publications. Often your immediate community can be one of the best sources of new customers. Marketing online is important, but there are still valuable connections that you can make just by getting your name out there in your own local area.

Why are local publications such a great outlet for small business marketing?

  • They build on existing connections: As a mother and a local small business owner, I see so many people around town on a daily basis – dropping the kids off at school, at the market, attending community events, at the hair salon, or watching our kids’ games and school activities. Although I’m fairly well known in our community and in our circles of friends and acquaintances, most people who know me in my “mommy” role don’t necessarily know about CorpNet. When people see a local magazine feature on you and your business, they can put two and two together. “Oh yeah, that’s Nellie from the school parents’ group…I didn’t know she had her own business!” Getting featured in local publications helps you improve your company’s name recognition just by building on the relationships you’ve built in your personal life.
  • They’re cost-effective: Most local publications are eager to spotlight local businesses. They’re always looking for new advertisers and new story ideas, especially if you can provide the text and photos yourself. Instead of spending lots of money on advertising, or spending lots of time building up a social media presence, local publications give you a chance to extend your marketing reach without a huge commitment of time and money.
  • They give you a story to share: Getting featured in a local publication can give you a valuable “news clipping” that you can use to build credibility for your business and share with other prospective clients. The value of getting featured in a magazine or newspaper goes beyond the immediate impact of getting your name in front of that publication’s audience – it gives you a lasting piece of “earned media” that you can use to enhance your business’s reputation in the eyes of other audiences in the future.  Once you’ve been featured in a local publication, that makes it easier to get publicity for your business from larger publications. Share the story on social media and on your company website. Trumpet the good news to the world!

Many thanks to the editor, Diana Lyle and the staff of Westlake Malibu Lifestyle for a great feature on! To read the feature on, check out page 40 of the November/December 2011 issue of Westlake Malibu Lifestyle.

What are your favorite local publications to read? How could you get your business featured in these publications? Start today – the publicity can be well worth your time and effort.