Infographic digital design, vector illustration eps 10Now that you’ve been using content marketing to build a better relationship with your audience and make it easier for potential customers to find you, you might be wondering how you can make your appeal stronger and provide more captivating content. As part of our 12-month analysis into how to improve your content marketing, we’ve looked at how to write engaging titles, boost social media strategies, and utilize email to connect with your audience. This month the focus is on infographics and how they can help grab your audience’s attention.

Infographics are a fusion of strong visuals and key ideas. They take information and create an easily digestible, portable way of compressing content. Think about the last time you flipped through a news magazine. You may have disregarded articles that did not grab your interest, but as you fanned through the pages, was your glance captured by a chart or other means of data visualization? If so, you’ve experienced the allure and power of infographics. You should think about using infographics for many reasons, but here are the most compelling:

1. They Tell a Story

Infographics digest a narrative into a small chunk of intelligence, but they are still masterful at conveying a story. You can use them to share a product’s path to market or talk about variances in your customer base, or even the types of products or services you offer. Their power is that they transfer information to your audience visually.

2. They’re Faster to Digest

Because infographics compress information, they enhance your audience’s ability to quickly grasp information and ideas. Your audience has differing strengths and some may not have the same ability to use reading comprehension to parse more complex sentences. Infographics cut through the requirement for deeper analysis by presenting information in a different context.

3. They Enhance Text

Strong infographics complement the text they accompany. They provide an integration of information and graphics that augments the text. While infographics can be used on their own, search engines may not recognize the information they convey, so a paragraph or two will ensure that the search engine spiders don’t see a blank space.

4. They’re Eye-Catching

Visual assets are vital for quickly grabbing the attention of your audience. Just as we use images to convey the topic of each of our posts, so too can infographics seize attention and draw in readers. Infographics artfully juxtapose graphics and information and that contrast engages people’s imaginations. They are conspicuous and distinctive: a winning combination.

5. They Look Great on Mobile

Tiny screens means that your viewer might not want to scroll through hundreds of words to catch the gist of your blog post. Infographics pack a punch in this context. Their ability to convey knowledge makes them extremely effective in ensuring that your content can reach everyone.

There are many apps that allow you to make your own infographics for low to no fees such as  Canva,, Picktochart, and others. They are all free to try and some are powerful enough to make infographics quickly and easily. You can also look around for infographics that are available thanks to Creative Commons, but those may not dovetail perfectly with your post. You have many options for utilizing these engaging and robust communicative devices.