Here at CorpNet, we’re as excited as kids when our birthday rolls around each summer. Every year means we’ve spent another 365 days helping small businesses succeed, and that’s something we’re exceedingly proud of.

This year is no exception. We’ve grown leaps and bounds — in fact, a few months ago we had to move our office into bigger digs because we were bursting at the seams. In fact, we added two more support staff members this week to accommodate our growing list of clients.

More Tools  To Serve You

This year, our focus was on delivering more resources for our customers — really, any business owner. To that end, we launched the free Compliance Portal to help you keep track of important filing and tax deadlines.

We also built the free Business Structure Wizard to help customers figure out what business structure is perfect for them, and we also launched our fully functional mobile site. And most recently, we added tons of free Meeting Minutes templates to our site.

Phil Akalp, who serves as’s Chief Creative Officer, says innovation will be the key in the upcoming year: “We are ‘taking chances’ and mixing things up.  Although our customer service is unparalleled in this industry, we need more to take on the ‘Big Dogs’ that dominate our industry.”

He says the company plans to continue to share “buzzworthy” content and resources. We’re constantly looking for ways to provide more value to you!

As Seen On…

This year, CEO Nellie Akalp has been busy providing useful tips to small business owners on news programs like:

She’s always looking for the chance to help people start a business, so make sure to check her out on Freshbooks, Mashable ,  Small Business Trends, Open Forum, The Mogul Mom and other leading small business blogs.

Lessons Learned

As any entrepreneur can attest, running a business provides many lessons over time. Nellie says, “The last 4 years for me has gone by like it was yesterday that I opened the doors to  I have learned more in these last four years with than with any of my other businesses that I owned in the past. Most importantly, I have learned to just enjoy my life and take everything as it comes and not sweat the small stuff because it will age you!”

CN_AnniversaryHer husband, Phil, has also learned a thing or two over the past few years. He offers this advice for anyone considering starting a business:

  1.  Fail Quickly!  You can spend millions trying to market a bad idea that you thought was “good.”  But a GREAT idea will gain traction immediately and take on a life of its own.
  2. Analytics drive everything!  Ideas are easy.  Executing on an idea, reviewing and understanding your analytics, and changing course quickly is KEY to success in any business.
  3. Delegate the jobs you hate!  Things need to get done…and you cant always be “doing what you love”  Sometimes you have to pull over and change a flat tire.  However, I noticed that when I spend too much time, regularly, performing tasks I hate, I get drained and have nothing left for the important tasks where, frankly, I excel.

How We’ll Be Celebrating Our Birthday

The team will be celebrating all day by dressing to the nines and pigging out on fun party food. We’re also announcing a special contest for you! Today only,  you have the chance to win one of four incorporation packages. Here are the instructions:

So Tweet away, and tell your friends!

Thanks to all of our customers who make this success that much sweeter. We’re over the moon to have so many fabulous customer reviews, and your support, as always, means the world to us.