I have the unfair advantage, working with CorpNet behind the scenes. I’m one of the first to see their newest products and see what offerings are in the pipeline. But it took me a few months after I started working with the company before I started drinking the Kool-Aid and actually incorporated my marketing business. Nellie Akalp asked me to tell my story about my business and how CorpNet helped me. Here it is.

Egg Marketing & Communications LogoI’ve always been a writer at heart, ever since I could first hold a pencil.

I found my professional passion as a writer in marketing after earning my MBA, and worked for a few private firms in marketing roles. After working for a few crazy bosses (no, really), I knew I could do a better job myself. And so I became an accidental entrepreneur in 2006 when I started my business.

Immediately, I was drawn to small businesses. I knew they needed marketing help but couldn’t necessarily afford to hire a full-time marketing director. So my company (which was just lil ole me at the time) would provide content, press releases, and social media management to help these small businesses look bigger.

As I grew, I began to learn about the benefits of incorporating a business. Still, it seemed complicated and I didn’t have time to do it. Then I found CorpNet. They took the pain and hassle out of the process, made recommendations for me, and got it done. Fast. I wish there were some big Starting a Business Handbook that every entrepreneur received that included “call CorpNet” in it. It would be a big help to us all. I know a lot of companies say they understand small businesses, but CorpNet really does, and every single employee there genuinely cares about helping you succeed with your business. Since I’m passionate about small businesses, it matters to me that CorpNet cares about the little guy (and gal!).

Now my marketing business is chugging right along. We just filed our first corporate taxes, something we probably wouldn’t have done had CorpNet not gotten us incorporated last year.

CorpNet continues to help my business by sending me reminders through its Compliance Portal: whenever my Statement of Information or other tax document is due, I get a reminder. Nice.