Here’s yet another customer story for you! Kavinoky Law Firm, one of California’s leading criminal defense firms, relies on for its document filing needs.

The Kavinoky Law Firm was founded by Darren Kavinoky, an accomplished trial lawyer and well-known television host and legal analyst. Kavinoky is also the creator and host of the television show Deadly Sins, which airs on Investigation Discovery. He provides expert insight on entertainment, legal, political and lifestyle issues on many national and local broadcasts including, The Today Show, CNN, Larry King Live, Dr. Phil, Good Morning America, HLN, and Fox & Friends.

When founding Kavinoky Law Firm, Kavinoky turned to for the business registration. Since then,  CorpNet has helped him with his annual renewal paperwork, as well as Intellectual Property such as to register a trademark or a service mark. And as the Kavinoky Law Firm expands into other states and practice areas, it will continue to use CorpNet for its business registrations and other needs.

“When I first started my business, even though I’m a lawyer, I didn’t know anything about business formation and what my corporate responsibilities were. That’s where CorpNet came in. They’ve been an amazing, trusted advisor…kind of like a partner to me,” said Kavinoky.

The Power of Fantastic Customer Service

“It’s an amazing experience being a client of CorpNet, because, in my life, instant gratification is never fast enough. I’m busy, I need answers now, and I need to talk to actual live human beings when I call a company. And that’s what it is to call CorpNet. They’re taking care of business. They know what needs to be done. And it happens quickly,” he added.

“Darren is a true inspiration…not just in terms of his personal successes, but how he conveys a message of hope to everyone he talks to. Darren is all about driving change and taking the steps needed to create your ideal life. It’s a powerful message for every entrepreneur and we’re so proud to call him a customer,” said Nellie Akalp, CEO and co-founder of