I’ve gotten into the tradition of offering advice to you as a small business owner this time of year. You see, my birthday is coming up, and rather than receive gifts, I like to give them to you. Consider the following advice on how to successfully run your business my gift of wisdom. After all, I’ve been around the block not once but twice, and if I can keep you from making the mistakes I’ve made, so much the better.

1. If you are stuck in a rut, go back to your roots

I get that sometimes you’re less than thrilled to go to your office and start working. Been there. Sometimes all I want to do is pull the covers back over my head and sleep 15 hours.

When that happens, I remind myself of why I got into running my own business in the first place. I wanted to help small business owners and entrepreneurs succeed. So I came up with business filing services that would help people start a business faster and easier.

Why did you start your business? Perhaps you can find inspiration that will jolt you out of your rut and keep you moving forward.

2. Stay close to your checking account

Now, before you tell me you’re not good at math, or don’t have time to do your own accounting, hear me out: even if you hire an accountant, you still need to keep an eye on your checking account.  It’s imperative that you know where your money is going and try to reduce expenses where you can.

For example, you might notice you’ve got a recurring subscription for a service you don’t really use if you log into your online banking once a week. This could spur you to cancel the service and conserve cash. Always a good idea!

3. When it comes to marketing, do the opposite of what you’ve been doing

You can only beat a dead horse so long, right? If one of your marketing activities isn’t netting you the results you want (increased web traffic, growth in sales, etc.) it’s time to stop doing that and try something else.

I’ve seen things I expected to generate us more business, such as pay-per-click advertising, actually hurt CorpNet when we reversed the process and tried the opposite. I don’t mind sharing with you that recently we tested out cutting back on our online ads, and still saw the same traffic and sales, if not more!

So don’t assume that what you’ve always done is always the best solution. Be creative and test out not doing some of them for a few weeks, and see what happens. You might be surprised.

I’m off to enjoy some birthday cake with my family. I hope these tips help you on your path to small business success.

43 Things I’m Grateful For

In honor of this being my 43rd birthday, I wanted to list 43 things that I’m thankful for:

  1. God, who keeps me centered daily and gives me the privilege and strength to walk his path daily and looks after me and my family daily.
  2. Phil, My husband and business partner of 21 years (married almost 17 years this 9/20/2014), is my most important role model.  Phil is my best friend, my soul mate and most importantly the best role model for me in that he always pushes me to continuously improve myself in all aspect of my life whether business or personal.  Even though sometimes he may be a tough critic and can be taken as being mean sometimes, he has a genuine heart and truly wants me to be the best that I can be in anything I set my mind to. He has made a huge impact in my life. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be the wife, mother, and business expert I am today.
  3. Nadia, my spunky vivacious mini me.
  4. Nicholas, my little man who truly keeps are family grounded.
  5. Ryan, my other little man who brings the creativity out of all of us.
  6. Aryanna, my little actress who has given us a new meaning to life, and just is the apple of our eyes and keeps us on our toes every minute.
  7. Zaya and Sherry who are truly God’s best gift to me and my family who constantly remind me that GOD has given me this a special ability and many gifts for a purpose in this life that only LORD knows and that I am to use that special gift.  They constantly remind me that I am smart, aggressive and more and I should use it to conquer the world and then give it back to the world.”
  8. Our wonderful nanny, Martha, my right hand, who I could not live without, and brings God into our life on a daily basis.
  9. Our housekeeper, Nancy, aka “Choo Choo,” who keeps my house tidy and surprises us daily with yummy delicious preparations.
  10. My dog Porter who I can’t leave without and have a love/hate relationship with.
  11. Ayla and Mike who truly have the heart of gold and fill that whole in my kids life as being the best aunt and uncle in the universe.
  12. Cynthia who keeps me sane weekly.
  13. My mom who is the best mother and grandma in the world and although we don’t always agree on everything, I know she loves me and wants the best for me.
  14. My grandpa who thought me the concept of working hard if you want to get anywhere in life and have the finer things in life and being consistent about it.
  15. Marie who truly is a blessing to me and our children and has been a constant figure in all of their lives.
  16. Lo who allows me to express myself through the art of dance and pushes me out of my comfort zone.
  17. Jonathan who keeps me in shape and starts my day on a positive note daily by allowing me to exercise however I want even if it doing “duck duck goose” around him as long as I am getting an hour of cardio.
  18. My business CorpNet that has thought me humility in every shape and form and allows me to create and innovate and help, inspire entrepreneurs navigate the murky waters of small business ownership and make their small business dreams into a reality on a daily basis.
  19. Amanda who keeps me inspired constantly and reminds me of how the non-typical CEO I am and accepts me for who I am. More importantly, corpnet would not be here without her daily support, love and passion.
  20. Milton who takes enthusiasm and passion of helping entrepreneurs to a whole different level.
  21. Katie who amazes me daily with her persistence, dedication, creativity, and passion.
  22. Kaitlin who reminds me of my favorite singer “Britney” from the Alvin and the Chipmunks and brightens up my day daily with her infectious passionate posture and love for CorpNet.
  23. Samantha who greets me every morning with her infectious smile and her enthusiasm and passion for learning and wanting to improve herself each and every day.
  24. Sakura who manages to be this multi-tasking machine that I am so grateful for and so happy that we ended up working together.  You got it girl!!!
  25. Mike…you rock dude!!!
  26. Allison…what would I do without your love and support and belief in me???…I love you!
  27. Kristin who understands my lingo…you know what I mean…need to be incognito here.
  28. Susan who brings to life my ideas.
  29. Jeffrey who shot all my videos and is cheering me on positively on every appearance I do.
  30. Our amazing Dev team.
  31. The Oaks family.
  32. The Carden family.
  33. All my Facebook and Social media friends who support me daily in all my business endeavors.
  34. My dysfunctional extended family who taught me that it’s ok to distance yourself from toxic relationships.
  35. My ability to express myself through the art of dance.
  36. Richard Giorla, who brought Cardio Barre into my life and really recharged my love for fitness.
  37. Shirin, who will be my BFF forever no matter how many miles away she is from me.
  38. The ability to be able to inspire and help people realize their true potential.
  39. The ability to laugh at myself and take life with a grain of salt and a shot of tequila.
  40. The ability to see the world through my children’s beautiful innocent eyes.
  41. My health and sanity and the fact that I still have it at the age of 43 and engage in all the fun activities and sports my kids enjoy doing.
  42. My ability to accept everyone as they are and accept them for who they are and appreciate them with all of their shortcomings.
  43. For the fact that I love what I do and do what I love every second of my life and have so much passion for my work that I know that I will always be successful no matter what.