CorpNet is a small business helping other small businesses – and we’re proud to share the stories of the real people behind the scenes who help our customers achieve their goals of starting a business whether its registering a business as a DBA, incorporating a business,  or forming an LLC.

One of the vital members of the CorpNet team is our Director of PR and Marketing – Allison Bethurem. Allison started her career as the Style Assistant for San Francisco Magazine, where she was immersed in the glitz and glamour of the editorial fashion industry. Shortly after, she went on to work in public relations for the booming San Francisco tech start-up community and most recently, she started her own full-fledged marketing and PR business, Matryoshka Media Group, LLC  (which she formed through where CorpNet has been one of her clients for the past year and a half.

“I love every minute of working with CorpNet’s CEO Nellie Akalp and her husband Phil,” said Allison. “I work closely every day with Nellie to help gain mindshare across the web to spread the word about CorpNet’s unique expertise and great offerings to help entrepreneurs start a business and manage their business filings. I spend a typical day e-mailing ideas with Nellie, and I stay glued to Co-Tweet to help manage the CorpNet Twitter account and CorpNet Facebook page. I don’t work onsite at the CorpNet headquarters, but my office is anywhere I have Internet access – my apartment, local coffee shops and even sometimes the library!”

As any business owner can tell you, starting a business is first and foremost a labor of love. The most successful entrepreneurs find ways to keep the passion alive. Allison finds inspiration in helping to share the story of CorpNet and the small business customers they serve.

“I’m thrilled to have the chance to be a part of the CorpNet team and help share Nellie’s inspirational story with fellow entrepreneurs who are just starting out,” said Allison. “Nellie is a unique entrepreneur with a really special story that has helped me get through some rough patches in my own business journey, so I know that she is offering the same kind of inspiration to others who are trying to make their new business venture a success.”

Allison sees her role at CorpNet as not only promoting CorpNet and getting publicity and new customers, but also contributing to the knowledge base of other entrepreneurs who are looking for information and resources online.

“On days when I see some great press coverage about Nellie and CorpNet, it’s a win-win,” said Allison. “Not only does it help get the word out about CorpNet, but it also benefits readers by helping them make smarter business decisions.”

Allison worked remotely for CorpNet for over a year before she and Nellie and Phil were actually able to meet in person. She said that her biggest surprise was when she finally met Nellie and Phil.

“I was blown away by how even more amazing they are in person as they are via e-mail and phone calls,” said Allison. “It’s crazy when you work with someone and you never meet in person, and yet you have a bond where it seems you’ve known them for years. That’s how it was when we met in person finally – hugs and laughter – just like old friends! A lot of times in business, you have clients who just feel like clients, but the Akalps really feel like friends and that makes a world of difference in our working relationship.”

Allison sees the biggest advantage of CorpNet as the fact that CorpNet’s clients get help from real people, with real personalities and an attentive level of care and service.

“I don’t think too many companies really offer that and it’s a valuable trait of this small business,” said Allison. “When I talk about CorpNet, I like to say ‘From one small business to another..’ and I mean that. Everyone at CorpNet is a valuable member to our small business family and we all really want to help other entrepreneurs succeed.”

CorpNet customers often call with questions about incorporating a business, only to find out that they are getting their questions answered by the CEO of the company.

“One of my best memories of working with Nellie is hearing her tell people on the phone that ‘I’m the Boss,’” said Allison. “Nellie is very involved in the daily work of the company and even though she’s the CEO, she’s always willing to hear my feedback and suggestions for our marketing efforts. She lets me take reign and go with my ideas, and she treats me as her equal which I really appreciate since I am still relatively new to the professional world. She makes us all feel appreciated.”

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*Photos credit of Erin Sierchio for Bows & Sparrows