Katie HendixHere at CorpNet, we pride ourselves on our fast, attentive customer service. If you use CorpNet to incorporate a business, form an LLC or manage your business filings, you’re getting the time and attention of a talented team of real people who get your projects done right – on time, every time.

One of our recent hires is Katie Hendrix, Client Relations specialist. Let’s learn more about Katie and see how she helps CorpNet customers each day:

Katie Hendrix graduated from Sonoma State University in 2006 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. She worked as an advertising intern while in college, and her first job after college was as a kindergarten teacher in Los Angeles. “Working with children was extremely fulfilling and a lot of fun,” said Katie. “The experience taught me a lot of patience and attention to detail. If you can take charge of a room full of energetic, squirming kindergarteners, you can handle any customer relations challenges that might come your way!”

Katie started out as a temporary employee to help us with our busiest time of year in December – many customers hire CorpNet to help with year-end business filings, to close a business or incorporate a business with advance registration for the new year. We loved Katie’s work ethic and personality so much that we offered her a full-time job (on her birthday, no less) and she is now an official CorpNet.com team member!

Asked what she loves most about working at CorpNet, Katie mentioned that the client conversations are a constant inspiration. “Every day I talk to dozens of people who are in the process of starting their own business,” said Katie. “I literally am reminded everyday that achieving your dreams is a very real possibility if you are willing to work hard and take initiative. My clients are very inspiring to me.”

Katie said that her biggest surprise in working at CorpNet was just the sheer amount of knowledge she’s gaining as she learns the details of CorpNet’s business and helps clients with their incorporation needs.

“I’m always surprising myself with how much I’m learning at this job so quickly,” said Katie. “During my first couple of days here, I was completely overwhelmed and thought that I’d never be able to learn everything I need to know. Before I started at CorpNet, I hardly knew the difference between a corporation and an LLC, and now I assist people with starting up their own! It’s amazing how much I learn on a daily basis here at CorpNet.”

CorpNet.com competes with some pretty big companies in the online incorporation market, but Katie says that CorpNet’s smaller size is a big advantage to customers.

“One reason I think clients love using our services is that we’re a small business, just like them,” said Katie. “Clients can call CorpNet and they’re able to work with the same person every time. I take pride in forming personal relationships with my clients. If a client is not quite ready to form their business, I take the time to work with them and answer any questions they might have until they finally are ready. Whether they need a couple days or a couple months, I’m always there to assist them in any way I can.”

As a Client Relations specialist, one of Katie’s major responsibilities is to conduct business name availability searches that customers inquire about through our website, and then call to follow up with the results. (For example, a client might want to form a business called “Joe’s Restaurant,” and Katie researches to see if that name is available in the client’s home state.) This means that Monday is often Katie’s busiest day of the week!

“We’re not in the office on Saturdays and Sundays, so Mondays I essentially have three days of work to do,” said Katie. “It can be overwhelming, but I make it a priority to reach out to every single person who has submitted a name search. Luckily, I have great support from my co-workers who are always willing to lend a hand if I’m swamped in name searches.”

Katie’s workday starts bright and early at 7 a.m. to help cater to CorpNet’s clients on the East Coast. “In a typical workday, I spend lots of time talking with clients and potential clients on the phone taking orders and answering questions,” said Katie. “Every week, I’m also responsible for checking the status of all pending formations with the Secretary of State’s Office.”

Katie says that may CorpNet customers might be surprised to hear about the level of effort and dedication that goes into every successful business formation.

“If you talk to my colleagues at CorpNet, we genuinely care about what we do,” said Katie. “It’s a lot of hard work on our end, and we wouldn’t put forth so much effort if it wasn’t something we were sincerely passionate about. There are times when we spend 30-45 minutes on the phone with clients, just trying to help them understand the process of setting up their new business. We invest a lot of time in each individual client because we genuinely care about their success and satisfaction.”

Katie loves fashion and design, and she says that if she was ever going to start her own business, it would be her own clothing line. “I took a few fashion courses in college and was really bit by the fashion bug,” said Katie.

Katie has family roots in entrepreneurship, as her father and uncle used to run their own construction business.

“They loved being able to work on their own terms being their own bosses,” said Katie. “That’s the great thing about being your own boss – you’re able to set your own hours and your own rules.”

Katie loves her job at CorpNet because of the family-like atmosphere. “I love working side-by-side with Nellie Akalp, our CEO,” said Katie. “She literally sits at a desk right across from me, answers phones, and takes orders. She’s made such an impression on me in the short time that I’ve been here. She’s a great boss and a wonderful role model. Being such a small office, we’re all a close-knit family here, and there isn’t a single person in this office who I don’t absolutely adore.”

Katie said that CorpNet has also given her a great sense of purpose. “Other than working as a kindergarten teacher, I’ve never had a job quite as rewarding as CorpNet,” said Katie. “Now that I work at CorpNet, I leave the office every day feel accomplished – like I actually did something important with my day. This job has really lifted my spirits. I finally feel like I’m contributing to something worthwhile.”