Lara PaceCorpNet is proud to be a small business with real people behind the scenes helping our customers each and every day. We’re going to highlight some of the hard-working, dedicated employees who help CorpNet’s customers reach their goals of starting a business.

Lara Pace is one of our Business Filings Specialists here at, and she’s worked with us for the past 2 years. Before starting at CorpNet, Lara was a stay-at-home mom and was out of the workforce for 10 years, and prior to having children she had worked in the restaurant industry and as an administrator for physical therapy and dental clinics for over 10 years.

“Customer service has always been a top priority in my career,” said Lara. “When you work in the restaurant business, it’s all about managing the details and giving customers the best possible experience. I try to bring that same attitude and energy to my work for CorpNet. Deadlines are part of the job because we want to make sure our customers get what they paid for on time.”

As a new business filings document processor at CorpNet, Lara processes and files new entity business formation documents for small business owners who come to to incorporate a business or form an LLC, and– on time, on budget, with all the details done right. Her typical day involves talking to customers and placing orders, processing documents to form a corporation or an LLC for many different states as well as preparing documents to be delivered to customers. The daily pace can be intense, especially when customers have tight deadlines. But Lara says that CorpNet’s unique work environment and company culture makes it all worthwhile.

“The thing I love most about my job at CorpNet is that it really is like a family,” said Lara. “Nellie is a fun boss, she is not your typical CEO and we all have a great time working together and I really look forward to coming to work every day. Before I started at CorpNet, I hadn’t done this exact kind of work with business filings, but I really enjoy my work and I’ve learned a lot.”

Lara Pace sees several competitive advantages for customers who choose to hire CorpNet to manage their business filings.

“I believe that our customers benefit most from our knowledge of the industry thanks to Nellie and Phil,” said Lara. “Nellie has been helping people incorporate a business for a long time, and our team shares that same knowledge. We really know our products and can help customers evaluate their options, and we have excellent pricing which in turn gives our customers great value. Our customer service is, I think, the best out there.  I know that when I am talking to customers I want to make sure they are pleased with their experience with CorpNet and that I have answered all of their questions.”

Just like CorpNet CEO, Nellie Akalp, Lara Pace also has family roots in entrepreneurship.

“My dad starting his own business at an early age,” Lara said. “He pioneered the back traction industry. What I learned from him is to be focused on what you’re doing and make sure that your employees are trustworthy. If I could start my own business I think I would get back in the restaurant business and open a fun, old-style malt shop where people could enjoy hanging out and eating good food.”

Lara has been part of some inspiring success stories during her time working for CorpNet – not only for small businesses, but for CorpNet as well.

“My favorite memory of my time at CorpNet was the day we broke our record for the most orders in one day,” Lara said. “Nellie was ecstatic and was in tears and I knew at that moment that CorpNet was the right place for me .”

CorpNet is a business powered by passion, and the entire CorpNet team gets inspired each day by the entrepreneurs we serve.

“The most important thing that I get out of talking to entrepreneurs is the constant reminder that we have the ability to do whatever we put our minds to,” said Lara. “Every day, we’re helping people take a step toward making a dream a reality and bringing something new into the world. It never gets old!”