We’re starting something new on The Startup Starting Line. Each Friday, we’ll bring you great content that Nellie Akalp is writing around the Web, as well as press mentions and interviews. This week, get tips on starting and building a business, making sure it’s legal, and improving your productivity.

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Interviews & Press Mentions

  • Smart Hustle Magazine – Experts from Infusionsoft, CorpNet & GoDaddy Share Tips on Starting & Building a Business http://bit.ly/1Qdr3iA
  • NerdWallet – For CorpNet CEO, Helping Small Businesses Get Started is Good Business – http://nerd.me/1RAU8YP
  • GoDaddy – Starting and Building a Business – Hangout w/ Nellie, Ramon & Shawn live on the GoDaddy YouTube page http://bit.ly/1J2VDeg
  • Barry Moltz Podcast – Learn Three Tips to make sure your Business is Legal – http://bit.ly/1J1EvXQ
  • Carol Roth – tips for Improving Business Productivity – http://bit.ly/1FNgUYy
  • LearnSavvy – 6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Incorporating Your Business – http://bit.ly/1A6tLEA
  • Hearpreneur – 19 Entrepreneurs Explain Why They Started Their Businesses – http://bit.ly/1K4qCIR
  • Vernon Ross Podcast – How to Not Get Sued with Nellie Akalp – http://bit.ly/1cpUvoF

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