Young Man Using BUllhornWhether you’re writing web copy, an email newsletter, a brochure or any other type of marketing copy, the key to sales starts with a great call to action. What’s a call to action, Susan, you ask? It’s that tiny few words that encourage a reader to do something. That something might be:

  • Subscribe to email updates
  • Follow on social media
  • Call for more information
  • Buy a product

Why Calls to Action are Important

Let’s say you’re writing your web copy. You tout all the benefits of your company, share features of your products…then leave your website visitor hanging. She’s not sure what you want her to do, so she leaves your website. On the other hand, if you had included a simple call to action, she would be spurred into doing what you want her to.

Take these examples:

Our cat food is all organic and made from natural ingredients. Your cat will love it.

Add in a call to action:

Our cat food is all organic and made from natural ingredients. Your cat will love it. Click here for a free sample!

In the second example, you’re instantly compelled to click to get a sample of the product. It’s as simple as that.

Writing a Great Call to Action

A call to action is best when it’s simple and straight to the point. Focus on creating a sense of urgency; if people feel like your offer is a limited time deal, they’ll be more likely to act on it quickly:

  • Call today for a free trial
  • Get two for the price of one for a limited time only

Where to Put It

Placement is as important as wording. If it’s on your website, make sure the call to action is placed prominently on your page. You can use a star shape to help the call to action stand out. Bold the call to action. Put it in red.

If it’s in a blog post or paragraph of copy, put your call to action at the end of the paragraph, and make sure to include any necessary links, such as a link to your email or web page with more info.

Test it Out

It’s easy enough to see if your call to actions are working. Pay attention to web analytics to see if whatever you are asking people to do is getting done. Are sales increasing? Are more people subscribing to your newsletter? Are people signing up for your webinars? If not, try tweaking your call to action wording until you happen upon the right formula.