Customer feedback is essential for any business to truly ensure it’s on the right path in providing what its clients want. That’s here at CorpNet, we pay close attention to what our customers say about us in online reviews. We’re pretty proud of our track record, and look forward to adding you as our next customer.

Here are a few of our favorite newest customer reviews:

Thank God For CorpNet!

“When I started with I was wondering if this was going to be like all the other companies out there, once you start something they keep wanting more money and more money to do things that need to be done when you picked what you wanted done in the first place and thought you paying them what was due to complete all of the above. I have to tell they are not like the rest they did everything I ask for and even did some more. Thanks and Amanda you guys are great!!!

—Orlando Emig (via TrustPilot)

Incredible Company Ran by Excellent Staff!

“My business partner and I have just started on our business and had no idea where to begin in terms of legalizing our business. I am so grateful and appreciative that I came across CorpNet because they made the experience so much easier than I could’ve imagined. We had so many questions and they were always so friendly and helpful when we would call them. I never once felt like I was heckling or bothering them. I would most definitely suggest their company to anyone who was looking to start their own business and needed some help in the process. Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this experience and easy one for us!

—Kirstie Maske (via TrustPilot)

Couldn’t be simpler to get peace of mind!

“I’ve been a CorpNet client for a year now and love the service. Katie led me through my service options without being pushy, and made it a breeze for me to stay current and compliant. It’s great to have a navigator on my staff and at a more than fair price.

—Dave Johnson (via TrustPilot)

Better than all the rest…

“I have done my fair share of searching for ways to incorporate and found that CorpNet was the best way to go. Upon calling with my concerns and questions, Katie the representative helped me with every step with amazing explanations that quickly ease all my worries and concerns. As if having a business and taking a chance on creating a business isn’t hard enough and stressful enough, I am surely glad I connected with CorpNet; with their amazing assistance I was able to get started. Now, officially incorporated with no stress of the process or lawyer fees that can cost thousands, I am ready to grow worry free. All thanks to Corpnet.

—Juan Perez (via TrustPilot)

“Corpnet was a great choice for our business needs. Katie was extremely friendly and knowledgeable! Coming from a design background makes the business logistics a slight grey area but Katie was great at walking us through the process and making it very understandable and easy. We will definitely be using Corpnet in the future!

—Casey F. (via Yelp)

An absolutely brilliant service.

“Sincerely speaking I have got to commend the incredible service and communication line of this company. They have a splendid staff of business and social professionals that can truly help you answer a lot of the questions you were having in mind and present a better mental vista of what exactly you are trying to establish. Not only were they able to improve my decision making on starting and registering my new business, they were also able to provide the initial stepping knowledge and support to review the necessary business structures that will keep any business today including mine intact for the long haul. I am so grateful for all their services. They really performed exceptionally well and friendly. I recommend this company to new businesses and tech startups.

—Emeka Ohai (via TrustPilot)

Services, People, Company – Perfect

“For many years, and through several different companies, CorpNet has been there for me. I have used their LLC formation and dissolution services…and then their formation service again, and then once again (but this time’s a keeper ;-) I have also taken advantage of their services for annual report filing as well as registered agent monitoring and notification. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if left to my own devices with these matters. What really makes CorpNet stand out, in my opinion, is the level of service, the consistency of the experience and the price. You speak to live humans whenever you want (during business hours, of course). And beyond that, these are live humans that actually get to know you. Folks like Amanda Beren and Kaitlin Garcia, special shout-outs to you! State fees aside, the fees for CorpNet services are so nominal. And you just can’t put a price on doing the best you can for your small business.  Please tell Ms. Akalp my hat is tipped to her. You and your company provide endless examples of how to rock a small business on every level. Thanks for the inspiration.

—Jacob (via TrustPilot)

Better pricing and MUCH better service than LegalZoom!

“I’ve been using LegalZoom for about 5 years but their customer service and follow-though have really gone downhill lately. After my final terrible experience with LegalZoom earlier today I decided to give a try. I was fortunate enough to have Rebekah Booth helping me. First during chat on the website when I was deciding whether or not to use them, and then on the telephone. It was so nice to work with a real human being that was knowledgeable, friendly, and still cared about customer service. Thanks to her service I will never use LegalZoom again. Why would anyone use LegalZoom for a service that CorpNet offers when their prices are better and their service blows LegalZoom’s out of the water? Thanks for everything!

—Michael Larson (via TrustPilot)

Best customer service I’ve had in years!

“CorpNet is a fantastic company with employees that are extremely helpful. I honestly feel like I have barely had to do anything but sign my name for almost all of the paperwork involved in getting my business started. CorpNet made starting my own business very easy. Most of my interaction has been with Katie Hendrix. She has been very helpful and has quickly answered every question I’ve had. I’m very satisfied with the service and my interactions with Katie. I will be recommending CorpNet to anyone looking at starting a new business. Thank you CorpNet!

—Philip (via TrustPilot)

Fast Efficiently and very Courteous Service.

“I have been with CorpNet from the beginning of my business. They have made the start up of my business easy, fast, worry free and professional. I will continue to use them as my business agent representative not only for their service, products offered and efficiency in making sure things get done or filed on time; but also, which is a key factor for any business, for their professional and very courteous employees, which they have never failed to deliver high quality services. Special thank you to Katie Hendrix for all her help in making sure all my business needs required by the state is completed on a timely manner.

—Dr. G

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