Manilla FoldersI’m a neat freak. I like starting new endeavors right at the start of a new year, rather than 5 weeks in. That’s why I love CorpNet’s Delayed Filing Option. If you’re considering forming an LLC or incorporating your business, you can actually do so and be up and running as your new business structure on January 1.

How a Delayed Filing Option Works

You submit your application for whichever business structure you’ve decided on now and delay your actual incorporation date until the new year. This gives you control over your date of incorporation or LLC formation. Maybe you want to launch it at the start of Q2 in 2015. You can do that with delayed filing.

If you’re approved for a January 1 start date, you avoid having to file more than one business income tax statements (your personal statement from when you were a sole proprietor for part of the year, then the tax paperwork under the new structure) come tax time.

Another benefit is that you mark filing your business structure paperwork now off your list. Who doesn’t want to kick off the new year with one less task to do??

How to Start Your Delayed Filing

You can take advantage of this option any time of the year, though now you’ll need to opt for the fast track service to ensure your Secretary of State department reviews and approves your application before your intended start date.

  • First, choose your business structure. Both the LLC and corporation offer many benefits, so determine which best fits your business needs.
  • Next, decide what you want your start date to be. January 1 is a nice, fresh start, but you may operate on a different calendar, and want a different date for your new business structure to begin.
  • Then, file your paperwork. You can opt to let CorpNet handle this if you don’t have time or energy to do it yourself.
  • Finally, sit back and wait. Assuming everything looked good on your application, your new business structure will be “born” on the date you set!

There’s still time to get your delayed filing for 2015! Talk to our small business experts to get on the fast track to setting up your LLC or corporation.