Business Woman at FlowershopIn certain circumstances, business owners are required to file what is commonly called a DBA, which stands for “Doing Business As”.   This filing is also known as a “Fictitious Business Name (FBN)” filing.

This is most frequently the case for a sole proprietor or general partnership that conducts business under a name that is different from their own. However, an LLC or corporation that operates under a different name is also required to file a DBA.

It may sound a bit confusing, but it really isn’t. For example, if John Smith is a sole proprietor who owns a plumbing business called John Smith Plumbing, he does not need a DBA because his business carries the same name as its owner. But if he calls his company Perfect Plumbing, he does need a DBA because the company name does not indicate who owns the business.

The same would apply to a company that operates under a different name.

If John’s corporation or LLC is called Perfect Plumbing, Inc. or Perfect Plumbing, LLC, but the corporation or LLC also operates under the business name Plumbers R Us, then the corporation or LLC would need to file a DBA doing business as “Plumbers R Us” as well.

If your business situation falls into the above categories, you must file a DBA in order to remain in compliance with your state’s laws. You’ll need to show proof of the filing to open a business bank account, as well as collect payments in the business name.

It’s important to file your DBA before you start doing business under a fictitious name. Filings are generally done at the state or county level. Click here for a link to each state’s Secretary of State website to check the requirements in your area.

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