Word BUZZTo grow, a business needs to get the word out. But to get the word out, a business needs money. Without the funds in place to launch a full-scale marketing campaign, how can an entrepreneur compete with the big dogs?

Fortunately, you don’t have to have a big marketing campaign to reach customers. There are more ways than ever to get the word out without spending a fortune. Here are a few ways you can generate buzz for your business on a limited budget.

Dispense with the Conventional

When you consider marketing options, you likely think of a few of the most popular ways to market. This includes hiring a firm, sending press releases, and deploying multiple social media updates. You should instead consider ways your brand can stand out. What unique features does your product or service have that can be used to build buzz? If you can find a way to make your social media updates stand out, you’ll be more likely to connect with customers.

Connect with Reporters

Reporters have the power to reach thousands of people with just one article. Help a Reporter Out is designed to connect reporters with experts in certain fields. You’ll be sent requests each day and, at no cost whatsoever, you can provide quotes or background information to meet reporters’ needs. If your pitch is chosen, your name and business will be mentioned in a publication with hundreds of readers or more.

Guest Blog

Another free way to get publicity is to write a blog that reaches new readers. Since your own blog likely attracts people who already know about your brand, you’ll need to find a way to reach new audiences. Contact colleagues and offer to do a guest blog swap, in which you provide a guest post one week on his blog in exchange for a guest blog from him the next. You’ll both benefit from inbound links that will help you search rankings, as well as exposure to a new audience.

Use Ad Credits

If you’re interested in launching a Facebook Ads or Google Ads campaign but don’t have the budget for it, check online for credits or coupons. You can often use a code to get a certain amount of ad dollars for free on two of the top sites to reach consumers.


There are many networking opportunities in which you can participate without spending money. Start with local networking events, which you can find through your local chamber or a website like Meetup. Take plenty of business cards and perfect your one-sentence pitch before you go to make sure you’re prepared for any opportunity that arises. By networking with other business owners, you’ll not only be able to exchange tips and ideas, but you’ll also find a group of entrepreneurs like yourself who can help you build buzz around your brand.

You don’t have to have a big-business marketing budget to get the word out about your brand. With the emerging popularity of social media, you can network with others and post updates free of charge.