The race of social media marketing is on and the competition is running rampant. Facebook takes the center stage with almost 2B accounts, while YouTube contends as the runner-up, having amassed a total of 1.5B accounts. Apparently, recent statistics reveal that Instagram has more than 800 million accounts under its belt, which makes it the third most recognized social media platform across the Internet.

Influential marketing is also a buzzword trending on the horizon. It has engulfed a better part of the society in its folds. Who would’ve thought that social media can be such a powerful platform, imparting such a bold impact on the society we live in? But, here we are today, from shoelaces to industrial turbines, Facebook is marketing just about every other product. And what plays a lead role in all of it? It’s the clandestine magic of influencers. They brandish their wands, cast their enchantments, and make the impossible happen; have people run towards your product.

Are you looking to make your business survive in the long run? Do you want your e-commerce brand to embody the essence it lacks? How about we tweak a tad with your awareness strategy? Let’s make a few things clear before we delve into the significance of it. Whatever goes up on social media has the ability to go viral, if all the cards are played right.

So when we say it’s about to go viral, what exactly do we mean?

Among many strategies, one such approach that works best for the mass population is to reach out to people on different social media platforms, ones with a hell lot of following to their name. Yes, social media is all about influencers and each platform has its own set of trendsetters, social activists, motivational speakers, guidance counselors, entrepreneurs, field experts, and bloggers that people look up to.

These are the people whose voices are heeded by the general public. If they claim that there is a creature living 20,000 ft. below the sea, which secretes a miraculous compound that can cure cancer with the image of a creepy anglerfish, people would put their faith to it. If the influencer is willing to sell a gel fabricated from that product, which when applied to the skin can be absorbed and cure cancer, people would actually rush to grab a bottle even if there no evidence to back up the claim.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? This’s the power of influential marketing.

“Do you know that the engagement on the Instagram platform is growing 4 times more than any other social media platform around the world?”

Since we have got all our facts straight, it’s time to delve into the deeper details of how a social media platform such as Instagram works best in the field of influential marketing.

Okay, first things first, if someone is vouching for your e-commerce brand as an influencer, it’s because they are getting paid for it. They can help brew an optimum level of trust, one which you are precisely seeking, the one which you can’t even expect from your closest buddies these days.

What Compels Individuals to Place Their Trust in Such Influencers?

The secret lies in impactful storytelling. It is a grand and effective strategy that can significantly help you boost your online conversion ratio for the product being marketed. It’s because the influencers really do know how to charm their audiences and leave them believing almost anything.

If an influencer has a massive audience base, they can manipulate your product by waving a social proof through it with a stellar story-telling essence. Your product will not only be advertised but also end up convincing your customers that if they aren’t going to purchase it, they will ultimately be the ones at the losing end of the bargain, because haha! Half the world is already purchasing it.

Modern-day influencers may deem it as leveraging story-telling elements in influential marketing to your benefit.

How do Influencers Penetrate Into the Market with Your Product?

Most influencers create a loyal club of mini influencers around them.

Be it learning to influence markets or merely trying to reach audiences for personal gratification, a mini influencer requires steady guidance, and they look up to their mentors for a more detailed learning.

If somehow, you can get in the right books of an influencer, there is no harm in asking them for a small favor. How about requesting them to share your product with their loyal ones so they can also re-share your product on their networks in turn. Sounds a bit too much to ask?

This is what influencers are already doing.  They create their own voice, most of the time, but they do also have close connections and loyal followers, which greatly help them in promoting their own voice forward. Modern-day influencers may term it as revolving your ad through the influencer network. Now, this is just one of the strategies which can be leveraged. Are you interested to know how you can effectively drive sales for your e-commerce brand using influencer marketing?

Here, let me help you with that.

Identify Relevancy

Often when people are looking to sell their products online, and in the wake of selling it, they fail to ponder over which influencers to cherry-pick from the teeming throng! There is no harm in reaching out to a celebrity to market your skincare product, but won’t it be a better alternative to approach someone who belongs to the field of dermatology itself and is considered somewhat of an authority? Sounds more relevant, doesn’t it?

A dermatologist is a more trustworthy influencer as compared to a celebrity, and may send out your product to an audience who is actively seeking such products.

Content Marketing

Compelling content is the key that helps you sell. Even though you are not mentally prepared when you log in to your social media account, all it takes is one grabbing expression, an eye-catching photograph, or an invigorating phrase that can captivate your attention and coax you into making a purchase subconsciously.

If used right, content marketing can be an excellent tool for promoting your product. Imagine how you can amplify the expediency of content marketing with influencers. Who doesn’t want to be heard in an expressive way? Allow your influencers to maximize their voice by using powerful words. Leverage the power of content marketing right, and the world is yours to conquer.

Use Digital Marketing Tools

Wondering how to identify which influencers should be high on your priority list? Well, fret no more. Make use of the following digital marketing tools to sort out which influencers can seemingly benefit you in finding the right social channels for your e-commerce product:

  • Tribe
  • BuzzSumo
  • Neoreach
  • Revfluence
  • Brandnew

All such tools not only allow you to get connected with your favorite influencers on the market, but they can also significantly benefit you in identifying which influencers can perform best relative to your product.

Shower them with Gifts

Who doesn’t aspire to glean free access to a paid product in today’s day and age? In case your influencer belongs to the tech industry for instance, you can always hand them a gift, such as a budget coupon for your e-commerce platform.  Now, this is an excellent strategy because it often compels your influencers to cover a piece for your e-commerce brand. It can be a product based review or maybe a complete platform experience. But a good review can significantly give your business a boost that it yearns for.

At the End of the Day

The power of influential marketing is growing at a rapid pace. Especially, the emerging millennials, including me and more, are bent towards the idea of adopting newer strategies to experiment with social media. One of the many reasons of doing this is because we have realized that it’s where the major chunk of the market hangs out most of the time. The search engines are optimized such that they only show you ads that are relevant to your search. At times, even when you are playing around with the idea in your mind!

Don’t freak out! There is a simple algorithm through which self-learning robots, called pixels, pull data and information from your browser cache to assist you in finding what you are looking for. To put it in a nutshell, let’s just say that this year, at least 74% of marketing specialists around the world are looking forward to incorporating influential marketing strategies into their business. Is your e-commerce brand being marketed by an influencer? Not yet? Now might just be the right time.