Men Jumping Over HurdlesLife is full of obstacles, and small business is no different. When you first start your business, you face the question of whether or not this idea you’ve dreamed up will actually make you money. Then you face clients who pay late and jeopardize you paying your own staff and vendors on time. The list goes on, but the truth is: the best thing you can do is embrace those obstacles and move on.

I personally have had my fair share of obstacles, both in my professional life and in my personal life. I had a rough childhood, with no direction or sense of self-worth. But if I had let those obstacles define me, I wouldn’t be the strong, motivated person writing this blog post! Instead, I took those obstacles as challenges and life lessons, and used them to become a better wife, mother and business owner.

Admission is the First Step

Rather than moaning over those challenges you face in your business, or burying them under the rug, take a different approach and face them head on. Admitting you have obstacles is the first step in moving them out of your way.

It’s easy, if you let your obstacles remain unchecked, for them to grow from that proverbial molehill into a mountain, but realize that you control how big you let this obstacle get. If you address it head on, it won’t be as big as it could get otherwise.

Of course, simply facing your issue won’t get the bills paid, your products manufactured or otherwise miraculously solve whatever problem you’ve got. Do what you can to resolve the issue. Reach out to others who can help. But conserve your energy. Know that you can only do so much in this situation, and take it one day at a time. It can be difficult not to let the thought of the obstacle consume every minute of your life, but keep things in perspective. At least you’ve got your health/family/home to be grateful for.

Find a Shoulder to Cry On

Even if taking a cheery attitude won’t solve your problem, you might feel better to unload on someone else. That someone might be your spouse (then again, it might not be), a work colleague, or a mentor. Heck, even a therapist might give you some perspective.

The point of getting your problem off your chest isn’t necessarily to find a solution (though bouncing ideas off of others can help fire up your creative juices, which might lead you to an unexpected idea for getting over the hump). It’s to get the stress out of your head and out in the open. Always a good idea.

Change Course

The key to getting over the bumps in your way is to be reactive and proactive. Shift your course away from danger and keep forging ahead. You’ll get through it. I promise!

And There WILL Be Obstacles

To be a successful business owner, you have to have the stomach to experience failure and the pains that come with running a business. I’ve failed many times, and, I’m sure, have many failures yet to come. But there’s no getting around having obstacles and failure in life, let alone in small business. Stand up, square your shoulders, and accept what’s coming, good or bad. Learn from the mistakes, then don’t look back.

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