Woman Standing With NotepadWhile every entrepreneur is as unique as a snowflake, we all do seem to share certain characteristics.

In the spirit of the old Jeff Foxworthy joke, “you might be a redneck if…” let’s look at the signs “you might be an entrepreneur if:”

1. You Fall Asleep with Your Smartphone Clutched in Your Hands.

We love what we do, and that’s why we’re unable to shut down at the end of the day. It’s not that we’re workaholics (ahem); we just want to work 24 hours a day doing what we love!

2. You’d Rather Invest in Your Business Than Buy a House.

Our companies come first, and that means sometimes those traditional life investments, like buying a home, come second. And that’s okay.

3. Your Kids Know To Be Quiet During Office Hours.

If you work from home, you’ve likely had to set certain rules that give you time to focus on your business, even if you’ve got kids in the house. But oh, no. They know the rules, and they leave you alone, for the most part.

4. You Identify Being a Business Owner Above All.

When someone asks you to describe yourself, you start talking about your business. Not your spouse. Not your kids. Your business.

5. You Love it When People Ask What You Do.

You’d talk about it all night, if your friends and spouse would let you!

6. You Think You’re Right About Everything.

We tend to be Type A’s, us entrepreneurs, and that means we have difficulty at times letting other people be right.

7. You Consider Your Staff Your Extended Family.

This is especially true for me. When you have the right people working for you, you love them like family!

8. You Bounce Out of Bed on Mondays.

Dreading work is for the birds! You love what you do, and can’t wait to get to work. Or at least turn on your phone (see #1).

9. You See Everything as a Business Opportunity.

Your kids’ lemonade stand would make the Shark Tank team jump to invest.

10. You Couldn’t Imagine Doing Anything Else.

Unless it was starting another company…