One of my all-time favorite things to do as successful serial entrepreneur and the CEO for CorpNet is having the opportunity to share my insight with others. Recently I have had the honor of participating in some amazing and uplifting panel discussions. A few weeks ago it was a candid discussion from awesome #girlbosses for Ellevate Network LA. Last night it was an enlightening talk about diversity in entrepreneurship for Thunderbolt LA called #DiversifyLA.


A few weeks ago on July 26th I was delighted to join a group of amazing female entrepreneurs to share our journey of being a #GirlBoss with Ellevate Network LA. If it’s one thing I love – it’s discussing entrepreneurship with other successful female entrepreneurs!

We were all able to share the highs and lows in our careers which gave insight, laughter and above all, hope, to our audience. I shared my stance that being a woman entrepreneur can have it’s advantages because in general, we can be nurturing which works well with team environments. We also can come up with out-of-the-box solutions when faced with an issue instead of making rash decisions.

I got my message across to new and aspiring entrepreneurs that they should find something they’re passionate about, have a vision, have a plan, and be determined to go all in. Starting a business is very fulfilling but it’s not for everyone and I wanted to be clear about the ups and downs that come along with the experience, especially as a #GirlBoss!


On August 2nd I was a guest on the #DiversifyLA panel to talk about how I am an Iranian FullSizeRender-34immigrant and how I approach diversity as an entrepreneur and business owner.

The panel, which was made up of mainly immigrant entrepreneurs, shared similar and different stories from our experiences. We discussed how we approach diversity at our businesses in the hiring process and in general when running a business. For me, it was great to enlighten others on the obstacles and challenges I have faced throughout my journey as an Iranian Immigrant. For example, having English as a second language and also being a woman founder in the tech industry.

It was a fantastic event and evening where I was able to connect with other established entrepreneurs and even some who are just starting out to share our stories.

The most gratifying part of being a guest on these panels has been the amazing feedback and support I got from the audience after each event. It really validates that I am doing what I’m supposed to be doing and where I exactly need to be in this stage of my life.

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