Like Being Drawn by HandSocial media is a vital part of business marketing today and sites like Facebook and Twitter are well aware of it. Facebook’s powers-that-be know that if they don’t provide enough options for marketers, they’ll take their campaigns to the competition. As a result, social networking giants seem to constantly be searching for ways to help marketers connect with customers.

Proving its dedication to win the business customer over, Facebook has spent the first part of 2015 rolling out tools to make it easier to advertise on the site. Here are three tools that businesses can now use to deploy and manage successful campaigns.

Ads Manager App

Launched earlier this year, the ads manager app lets businesses manage their campaigns using a mobile device. This app is a follow up to Facebook’s decision to make a mobile-friendly version of its ad manager, letting users track the performance of ads, edit existing ads and budgets, and create ads. A push notification feature will alert campaign owners when an ad timeline is about to end or when a business’s spending limit has been reached.

Unfortunately, the ads manager app is currently only available for iOS. Facebook promises to release an Android version of the app later this year. To add Facebook’s ads manager app to your iPhone or iPad, visit the iTunes Store.


Blueprint is designed to help agencies and big brands navigate the complicated arena of social media advertising. Teams can sign up for the service and learn more about how Facebook works, with more than 34 in-depth courses, all accessible online to anyone with a Facebook account. The courses are built into modules, allowing users to choose only the classes that relate to information they want to learn more about.

In addition to its online courses, Facebook also offers certifications for brands it deems to have “mastered” Facebook marketing. If users want to follow a specific track, Blueprint allows that, as well. Course options include A/B testing, purchasing ads, targeting, and reporting and measurement.

Learn How

Like Blueprint, Learn How allows businesses to learn more about Facebook advertising. Learn How is specifically targeted to small businesses and marketers, with courses specific to questions smaller organizations have. This online learning center uses videos, images, and step-by-step instructions to equip users with the information they need to create a page, connect with customers, and deploy successful advertising campaigns.

Facebook has made its Learn How library as easy to use, letting each user go as in-depth as necessary on a particular topic. If you want to thoroughly study Facebook before using it for your next campaign, you can. You can also wait until you have a specific question and use Learn How to look up the information you need.

In addition to rolling out these tools, the social media site has also updated its Facebook for Business site to make it easier for businesses to find the information they need. The new site has a streamlined layout and content that illustrates how businesses are using Facebook to grow and thrive. Whether a business is just starting out on Facebook or interested in boosting an existing campaign strategy, these new tools can be a big benefit.