So you’ve decided that forming an LLC in Florida is the best move for your small business. Congratulations! The LLC is preferred by many small business owners because it serves as a kind of hybrid business structure: it’s got the best features of corporations, combined with those of limited partnerships. Best of all? The LLC protects your personal assets and creates a legal separation between you and the business.

What Are the State Fees for Forming an LLC in Florida?

I’ll get right to the point; you’re here because you want to know all about the Florda LLC fees. We’ll cover that, then talk about the ongoing fees you’ll be responsible for to keep your LLC compliant with the state of Florida.

In comparison to the cost to form an LLC in other states, doing so in Florida is moderately reasonable.

When you initially apply to form an LLC, your LLC filing fees for your Articles of Organization and designation of registered agent are $125. This is mandatory. You will receive a complimentary letter of acknowledgment once your business is approved to operate as an LLC.

Now, additionally, you can request a certified copy of your Articles of Organization for an extra $30. This is optional. Why would you want a certified copy? This certifies that your Articles of Organization are true and correct, and many banks will require a certified copy. It never hurts to order one when you apply for your LLC.

You can also opt to pay an elective $5 for a Certificate of Status, which certifies that your LLC is in good standing.

What’s the Ongoing Cost for an LLC in Florida?

That covers you for the initial setup of your Florida LLC. What about maintenance and compliance?

As a Florida LLC, you will be required to file an Annual Report to remain compliant and keep your business’s “active” status.  The fee for this is $138.75, and must be paid annually. You will receive notification via email when your Annual Report is due. It’s important that you file it and pay the fee on time (between January 1 and May 1), otherwise, you will be charged a hefty additional $400 late fee. It’s simple enough to avoid that late fee. Keep a lookout for that email, and mark your calendar so you don’t forget.

Forming a Florida LLC: Well Worth the Investment

For less than $200 a year in Florida LLC fees, you can set up a legal structure for your business that provides a variety of benefits and protects you personally. Isn’t it worth that cost for peace of mind?