This month, we answer all your thought-provoking questions about filing an amendment. July marks the middle of the year and a great time to make changes within your company!

When do I need to file an amendment?

Articles of Amendment are required if any of the information included in your incorporation or foreign qualification paperwork changes. For example:

  • Changes to the company name
  • Changes to the Registered Agent Information
  • Company Business Address
  • Director or Member Information
  • Number of Authorized Shares
  • Business Activities of the Company

Do I need to notify the state if the nature of my business changes?

If you used a general-purpose clause in your incorporation/foreign qualification documents, such as “All lawful business,” then you won’t need to notify the state if you changed your business activity/purpose. Likewise, if your state didn’t require business information listed, then you won’t need to update anything. But, if you did provide a specific business purpose and this purpose changes, you will need to file an Articles of Amendment.

What if my company relocates its offices?

Generally speaking, the address on record with the secretary of state’s office is the registered office address of the company. As such, your company may be required for filing an amendment to change the address of the company if the address that is on record with the state is no longer valid.

What if I would like to authorize more shares for my company?

Since your total authorized shares are most likely listed on your Articles of Incorporation, you will need to file an amendment to make this change.

If I am foreign qualified to conduct business in another state, do I need to amend these documents too?

Yes, filing an amendment is needed if you change information that’s included in your foreign qualification document. Typically speaking, this is a similar process to filing an amendment to your incorporation document. But, the state of qualification may require that you show a Certificate of Good Standing from your state of incorporation. We can help you obtain this document.

I didn’t set up my company through CorpNet. Can you still help me file an amendment?

Absolutely. We can prepare and file the necessary amendment documents, whether you’re formed a business through us or not.

What if I want to change my company’s name?

If you want to change your company name, you have two options. First, you can keep your official name (the name filed in your corporation/LLC paperwork) as is and then file a DBA for the new name. In this case, you’ll still use your original business name for all official activities with the state, such as filing your taxes and your annual report. But, you can use your new name for all other activities – such as marketing, opening a bank account, etc.

If you want to abandon the original name altogether, you can file Articles of Amendment (also called Certificate of Amendment) with the state to officially change your company name. Keep in mind that if your business is registered in other states as a foreign entity, you will also need to file Articles of Amendment in each one of those states.

We’ll help you create the documents needed for either option and file it with the state.

Do you need help filing an amendment or have any questions regarding the process? We’d love to help keep you and your company in compliance and good standing.

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