Happy Halloween!!!

The idea of leaving Corporate America and starting something new can be as scary as Halloween. But it doesn’t have to be. The better prepared you are for the possible frights you can encounter as a business owner, the more prepared you will be to tackle starting a business!

Do Your Homework

You wouldn’t take your driver’s test without studying, so why would you do something as major as starting a business without researching what you need to know? If you don’t have a business degree, don’t let that daunt you. Instead, beef up on business basics by reading blogs, books, and magazines. Your city likely has some free or affordable seminars and workshops you can attend to brush up on specific skills, like social media. Make it your goal to become the most informed soon-to-be business owner.

Talk to Other Business Owners

You’re not expected to know everything coming out of the gate as an entrepreneur. Talking to people who have gone down the same path can provide you great insight into what you should (and shouldn’t) do when launching your business. They may even be able to warn you of the mistakes they made so that you don’t make them as well.

Look for people who have started businesses in your industry, as well as business owners in general. If you can’t find any locally, look to social media and join small business groups, then start asking questions. You’ll likely find people more than willing to help.

List Your Fears

If you’re still paralyzed and walking around like a zombie at the prospect of taking the leap into small business ownership, ask yourself what you’re really afraid of. Is it the idea that you can’t guarantee you’ll make any money? Or that you think people will know you don’t know what you’re doing? Writing down what’s really scaring you can go a long way to helping you resolve those issues. You may find that simply identifying them takes the fear away.

Admit That It Won’t Be Roses and Unicorns

It’s wise to have a realistic idea of what starting a business will be like. It will be a lot of hard work. You won’t sleep well. You’ll have to fight for the first few customers. Your bank account will be in the single digits for a while. But after all that, it will get better. You’ll realize one day that you’re doing what you love, and that you’re making money at it. And that is worth battling the monsters along the way.

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