If you have incorporated in Georgia, you may not realize that your Annual Report is due on April 1, just around the corner! Here we answer some commonly asked questions about filing that report.

What is an Annual Report?

Your Annual Report is a document or form you fill out each year that updates the Georgia Secretary of State office on your business, its contact information, and details on the Board members and managers.

Who Has to Fill Out an Annual Report?

All Georgia corporations, LLCs, LPs, LLPs, and LLLPs — both domestic and foreign — need to file that Annual Report by the April 1 deadline. The only exception is if you incorporated in Georgia recently (within the last year). In that case, you were required to file an Initial Report within 90 days of incorporating, and then you’ll file your first Annual Report next year. All the other business entities don’t, however, need to file an Initial Report.

How Can I File my Georgia Annual Report?

You can file your own Annual Report on Georgia’s Secretary of State page, and it’s easy to do, especially if you have no changes from last year. You can also submit a paper form, which is the bottom portion of the annual registration you should get in the mail.

Alternately, you can let CorpNet handle your Annual Report paperwork for you. We will ensure you don’t miss that April 1 deadline and keep you compliant year after year.

How Much Does it Cost to File a Georgia Annual Report?

The Secretary of State has the following fee structure for Georgia business entities:

  • GA Corporations and Nonprofits (domestic and foreign): $50
  • GA LLCs (domestic and foreign): $50
  • GA LPs, LLPs, LLLPs (domestic and foreign): $50

If you hire CorpNet, our fees start at $69 (plus the Secretary of State’s fees).

Are There Late Fees if I Miss That Deadline?

Yes, there are. The Georgia Secretary of State charges a $25 late fee if you file the Annual Report after April 1. You don’t want to be considered noncompliant with the state, so it’s important to make that deadline.

Don’t delay! File your Georgia Annual Report now so that you can keep moving right along with your business.