Life IllustrationAny business starting up these days knows that Social Media is a must. But you have to remember that your Facebook page is not your website. You don’t just build it and let it sit there without any updates.

Although keeping your website updated is a must too these days for SEO. However, on Facebook you have to keep it fresh, on a daily basis if possible, in order to show on people’s newsfeeds. If someone has liked your page they aren’t really going to be going back to your page constantly to see what you’ve posted – they will see them via their Newsfeed.

So I came up with the acronym “REACTIONS” to help explain what you need to do with your Facebook page to attract “likes” and therefore possible customers. Reactions is actually what you want.

Roam / Regularity

Roam around and chat on other Facebook pages as your business – not your personal profile.  On your Facebook page go to “Edit Page” then choose “Use Facebook as …” Obviously be relevant to your business but be careful you don’t overdo this and spam on people pages though.

Make sure you regularly put updates on your page so it isn’t lying dormant. No one is going to want to see your page if it isn’t doing anything plus it won’t have a chance of showing in other people newsfeeds.

Engage / Entertain / Events

Following on from regularly updating your page ensure you engage with people who take the time to chat to you – it would be rude to ignore them after all.

Make your page entertaining so people want to see it. Pictures are a big part of Facebook so use pictures if you can – even if it is something funny you’ve seen on the internet – a cartoon or similar. This attracts people’s attention and Facebook will also like you for using pictures.

If you are a business that runs events – online or offline – then mention and create the event on Facebook and “invite” people to it. This is a great way of spreading the message about your event far and wide. Click on “Event” above the status update box and follow the steps there.

Ask Questions / Advertise

Create your own poll with a question. This is handy if you want to get feedback on your products or services or maybe just something random that you are interested in. Just above the status update box click on “Event/Milestone +” then click on Question and ask your question giving the poll answers you want people to vote on. Follow the steps on how to promote it too.

You can simply advertise your page using Facebook as. This doesn’t have to be expensive and you choose what you want to spend. Facebook also provides a “Promote” button now if you want to actually highlight a certain update – again you choose what you want to spend.

Competitions / Content / Connections

Run competitions on Facebook to draw attention to your brand. Be careful to follow the Facebook guidelines about competitions though as they are quite strict and you could find your page deleted.

As with a website ensure the content on your Facebook page is up to date and accurate. Keep it filled as often as you can with interesting information. You may see an article that you found interesting yourself so mention it on your page. Include a link to the author’s Facebook page where possible and hopefully they will return the favour to you and spread the word to their “likes”.

Connect with people and pages using the tools mentioned – events, questions, competitions, advertising etc – and the more connections you have the more it will spread as friends of your connections will see their interactions with your page and hopefully “like” your page too. Think of it like a spider’s web spreading out.


If needed look for some Facebook training so you keep on top of the game. Facebook Trainer by Mindleaders is a good start and is the only training that is actually Facebook approved – it’s not expensive and you can do it in your own time.


Use the information known as Insights that Facebook provides on your page to gauge which updates work best with regard to interaction and reach. This feedback is invaluable for continuing towards a successful Facebook campaign.


Achieving success on Facebook is not going to happen overnight. It is an ongoing job that will take time and effort.


Never spam people or do the hard sell – it’s an immediate turn off and you will lose followers. No one wants to be told what to buy or what to do – they need to be subtly shown.

So to Summarise

To ensure your posts show in people’s newsfeeds they have to be regular so they constitute as a newsfeed. People have to have engaged on your page a lot so Facebook knows that they are happy to see your updates in their newsfeed and if they are photos then all the better as that is what Facebook classes as “interesting content”. Do not spam people and remember it’s an ongoing job.

I’d love to know your tips for using your Facebook page to good effect.