As part of a new series here on The Startup Starting Line, we will be interviewing CorpNet clients to get their stories and advice to other entrepreneurs. Today, meet Michelle Vrakelos, who leveraged her 25-year dance background to open her unique fitness studio, M6 Movement in 2008.

Motivated By Her Passions

A dancer who was awarded a scholarship at the most prestigious and selective dance school on the West Coast, EDGE Performing Arts Center, Michelle was inspired by her love of dance, fitness, and people, and decided to take a leap of faith and open M6 Movement in Thousand Oaks, California.

Michelle Vrakelos – “The Story of the M6 Movement” from Elevated Media Productions on Vimeo.

The studio fuses modern ballet and athleticism. This fresh and fun approach created fitness frenzy with lines out the door, attracting attention from celebrities and people all over the West Coast.

Running M6 has completely changed her life, says Michelle.

“I get to wake up every day and do what I love. I have confidence and a sense of accomplishment that hadn’t had before. And lastly, my work and the people in that building are my family.”

How CorpNet Helped Michelle

Michelle met CorpNet’s CEO, Nellie Akalp, years ago when she had her own clothing line, and reunited with her through a mutual friend. Once the two realized they both had a passion for small business, Nellie told Michelle how she could take her brand to the next level.

“She helped collaborate my thoughts and chaotic brain so that I could execute my new programs correctly and efficiently. She’s a superstar,” says Michelle.

Big Plans for the Future

Michelle is excited about four new programs and services she’s launching in 2016, including certifications, online classes, 6-week body makeovers, and women’s retreats.

Learning from her Mistakes

Michelle admits she’s made her fair share of mistakes along her entrepreneurial journey. She’s learned that numbers and facts are important to pay attention to in order to grow a business. She’s also learned to really focus on what needs doing: “My mind will tend to go a million directions!”

She urges new business owners to be passionate and dedicated to their craft:

“If and when I ever give advice to others wanting to open a business, I tell them to make sure they love what they’re doing more than loving the success of what could come from what they’re doing. I always say that true entrepreneurs are full of passion and dedication for their craft which is what makes them shine.”

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