As most people gear up for the Labor Day weekend—preparing to grill burgers, mix cocktails, and enjoy some downtime—I know some of you entrepreneurs will find it difficult to step away from your businesses. Yes, I too have been there. But on my journey, I’ve learned that while Labor Day was created to honor the contributions of workers, it doesn’t mean you should “celebrate” by working on the holiday. There truly is a time for work—and a time for play!

My Labor Day challenge to all business owners out there is to make a conscious effort to enjoy the holiday with family and friends. As difficult as it may be, set your mind to leaving your cares centered on starting and running your business behind for the day. Giving yourself a break—a real, no-nonsense break—brings many benefits. And it’s highly unlikely (for most types of businesses, anyway) that taking the day off will impair your business success.

My Labor Day Challenge To You

  • Don’t turn on your laptop or tablet.
  • Plan something fun to do with the people you love spending time with.
  • Put your smartphone away—except to snap selfies with your significant other, your kiddos, your friends, and your pets.
  • Pause to think about how wonderful it is to be carefree for a while.

The Perks Of Not Laboring On Labor Day

  • Clears your mind – Which can improve your focus when you go back to work.
  • Alleviates your stress – Mentally and physically.
  • Reconnects you with the people you care about. – Without work-related distractions, you’ll be able to more fully concentrate and engage in quality conversations.

I realize it might be difficult for you to push work aside but resist the urge to succumb to the lure of sneaking in an email or checking your business social media on Labor Day. You’ve labored plenty to start your business and run your company. You deserve this day of rest and relaxation!

Happy Labor Day to all you hard-working entrepreneurs!

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