Tablet with Video IconShorter consumer attention spans and the constant flow of digital media makes it more difficult than ever for businesses to get noticed in today’s digital arena. If your small business is struggling to expand on the digital front, then it’s probably time to embrace mobile video. When it comes to taking your business to new marketing heights, here are a handful of handheld ways mobile video can help.

Optimizing Your Landing Page 

If you spend a couple of minutes searching different websites, you’ll quickly notice that the one thing that sets a great site apart from a lackluster one is the landing page. Mobile video can help optimize your landing page, which is hugely beneficial in the mobile market.

Customers who find your website via their mobile device usually don’t have the time or patience to navigate each individual page on your site. But, with a mobile video on your landing page, you can sum up your goods and services as well as give your business instantaneous personality in one short, convenient, mobile-friendly video.

Making Your Entire Business Instantly Shareable 

Creating a mobile video for your business probably won’t rocket you to the viral heavens overnight, but it will make your message much more shareable. As mentioned before, consumer attention spans are decreasing by the digital second, which is why video is winning the attention-grabbing marketing race.

When consumers find a mobile video that’s intriguing, but that also gets the point across, they are likely to share it with the digital and social masses. By creating a customer-centric mobile video that highlights your business’s values and speaks to your key market, you’re more likely to reach a larger audience.

Promoting Your Goods and Services 

The ideal mobile video not only gives your business a voice, it also promotes your goods and services in a simple, straightforward way. So, when creating a video that’s geared toward mobile devices, remember that promoting your brand comes first.

The entertainment factor is important, especially if you want to compete with the rest of the mobile videos out there, but don’t overlook your brand. In other words, highlight your goods and explain to the customer why they are the best around. Likewise, if it’s a service you provide, explain how and why it’s unlike anything else. Do this and mobile video will really help your business get some attention.

Getting Valuable Feedback 

Have you ever seen a viral video and felt the need to comment and share your opinion? Well, having a unique, shareable mobile video for your small business is a great way to get valuable customer feedback on your brand. Whether you’re featuring a new product or you’re explaining a service you provide, a mobile video complete with a comment section can provide you with unlimited feedback.

Video feedback helps you realize what’s working with your business and, more importantly, what’s not. In addition, the comment section of your mobile video can give you clues to whether you’re speaking to the right audience and if your marketing attempts are coming across the right way.

Offering Face-to-Face Customer Service 

Sure, a mobile video is a great way to promote your small business, but did you know video is also extremely effective in the customer service department as well? That’s right, instead of just fielding customers’ questions and concerns, you can use mobile video to actually respond in a face-to-face format.

Putting yourself out there and on your customers’ touchscreens is one of the best ways to create long-lasting relationships. You can use mobile videos to inform your customers on business-related topics, answer questions in a forum style environment, or even gather suggestions for ways to improve your already stellar goods and services.

On top of that, you can also encourage your customers to put themselves in the spotlight and spread the word about your business via testimonial videos. Customer testimonials are an effective, relatable way to inform potential customers on everything your small business has to offer. That and they’re much more entertaining than boring FAQ pages.

If your business is in need of a digital growth spurt, then keep in mind all the ways mobile video can help.

JT Ripton is a business consultant and freelance writer who enjoys writing about a variety of topics, business and technology being a couple of them. You can follow JT on Twitter @JTRipton.