Our own Nellie Akalp was invited back to Fred Arnold’s Out of the Rough program on its Women Entrepreneurs edition to discuss what would-be entrepreneurs need to do to start a business, whether it’s a home based business or otherwise.

Here are some highlights from the video:

  • Choose a great name for your business, but first make sure your business name is available. Corpnet offers a free fictitious business name search.
  • Next, get your business name legal:  incorporate your business or form an LLC to protect your personal assets. If you’re not ready for one of these business structures, file a DBA (“doing business as”) if you’d rather work as a sole proprietorship.
  • When you start a home based business or retail location, find out what business licenses you need, and apply for them. When you register a business, it’s important to explore reseller’s permits and other business licenses.
  • Find professionals like CPAs and lawyers who can help you align your business goals and let you focus on other areas of growing your business.