meeting minutes template page screenshotCorpNet is now offering, for a limited time, free meeting minutes templates. Are you ready to take the hassle out of managing your corporate meeting minutes?

If you have decided to incorporate your business as an S-Corporation or C-Corporation, one of the ongoing requirements is that you have to maintain careful records of the activities of the company. Every time your board of directors meets to approve certain business decisions or transactions,  your company needs to keep a record on file for tax and regulatory compliance purposes.

There is a long list of possible transactions, actions and resolutions that your company might need to keep on record. This can include everything from appointing a new officer, to accepting the resignation of a director, to reimbursing expenses, purchasing insurance, buying and selling assets and stock, or obtaining a line of credit or credit card in the company’s name.

This is a lot to keep straight, and many small businesses struggle to maintain the right records in an efficient and orderly manner. Fortunately, is now offering FREE access to our online Meeting Minutes tools. For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, small business owners can use our easy, fast online templates to record meeting minutes and create permanent records of their company’s activities for auditing, tax and regulatory compliance purposes.

No more hassle and fuss – you can just go to our website and fill out the appropriate templates for whatever business resolutions you need.   For example, our Meeting Minutes tool offers many useful templates, including:

  • Adopt Bylaws
  • Appoint Director
  • Elect Officer
  • Officer Compensation
  • Contracts prior to incorporation
  • Sell stock
  • Lease Premises as Tenant
  • Borrow Money
  • Open Bank Account

This is just a small sampling of the meeting minutes templates available on our site. We offer a total of 70 Meeting Minutes templates to help make your corporate business filings as easy as possible.

How does our FREE Meeting Minutes Template service work?

Every Meeting Minutes template includes easy-to-follow, easy-to-fill-in blank fields where you can enter the name of your company, location of the meeting and names of meeting attendees. All of the relevant details and “legal language” are included, ensuring that your company has professional-looking comprehensive documentation of the various decisions and formal processes that your corporation has to go through.

After filling in the blank fields, you can click “Print” to get a print-quality version of your completed Meeting Minutes. Hopefully, you’ll find that our free online Meeting Minutes feature will save time and money for your company by taking away the inconvenience of a necessary-but-unglamorous part of running a corporation.

If you have any questions about how to use our online Meeting Minutes templates, please send us an e-mail at or call toll-free 1.888-449-2638.