Messy Home OfficeNext year may seem far away, but trust me: it’ll be here sooner than you’d believe. Who doesn’t like starting the new year out with a fresh slate and everything organized and in place? I know I do. So here are my tips for getting everything together so that you rock it in January.

Clean Your Desk

You probably don’t even realize how messy your desk is. Right now, as I look around mine, I’ve got a stack of sloppy papers, a couple of water glasses, and various and sundry cards and gifts from my kids on mine.

Put it on your calendar to clean off your desk. Put those papers in the appropriate file — even if that’s the “trash” file! If you’ve got time for a deep clean, extend that organizing to your files and the rest of your office.

Clean Your Desktop

As you come to rely more on digital files, your computer can be just as messy as your desk. Take time to organize all your files and put documents in folders labeled in a way that will keep you productive.

While you’re at it, move your files to the cloud through a storage solution like DropBox. That way, you can access your files from any device, and if you buy yourself a new computer in the near future, you spend much less time transferring files from your old computer to your new one.

Change Your Attitude

Most of the time when you think you’re busy, you are. But I’ve noticed that overachieving entrepreneurs sometimes suffer from what I call “busyness is a virtue”ism. Like you feel like you show your worth by always having more to do than is feasible to accomplish.

I encourage you to really look at your busy work and decide what is actually essential. Likely, you can hand some of it off through the art of delegation.

Take Care of End-of-Year Tasks

This includes making sure you’re compliant with your business structure requirements, business permits and licenses, and any other deadlines or fees that are due before the end of the year. Just think how good you’ll feel if you take care of them early! Then you can focus on end of the year parties and fun, not piles of paperwork.

Revisit Your Business Plan

If it’s been a while since you actually looked at this all-important document, now’s a good time to do so. This will help you ensure you’re still on track with those goals, or change them if need be.

Plan for Next Year

Since you’re in productivity overdrive, spend some time thinking about what your goals are for next year. Have they changed since you last made them? If so, get a game plan for how you will achieve new objectives, and put what you can into place.

For example, maybe this will be the year you hire your first employee, or incorporate your business. Whatever the goal, you’ll need to forge a path to get there, so make a list of action items to start working on now.

Quit Your Job and Start Your Own Business

This is for those of you who have been hiding behind the idea of starting a business but haven’t taken the steps to do so. Now’s the time! It’ll never be the perfect moment, so just do it. Next year’s going to be great; I can feel it. You can make it that way too, especially if you start planning and organizing today!