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Small business owners and entrepreneurs wear many hats when building a successful venture. Something our owners know a lot about!

Sometimes all of the hats get too heavy and you need to outsource assistance to free up time to focus on your business services or product instead of tedious other tasks. Outsourcing help is beneficial to those starting a business who can’t afford to hire new employees. It’s so helpful that the outsourcing industry has flourished in the last 15 years from earning $45.6 Billion in 2000 to US$104.6 Billion in 2014, according to global outsourcing. The consistently strong growth of outsourcing means one thing: it works!

Outsourcing help comes in all shapes and forms. Many top entrepreneurs are relying on virtual assistants to help them manage tasks. Virtual assistants work online from a remote location and are contracted to perform non-essential and highly-specialized work. Here are a few successful outsourcing examples that may motivate you to hire someone for your small business:

Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris used to own a supplement company called BrainQUICKEN. According to Tim, he had a brutal 14-hour daily work schedule when he managed the day-to-day operations of his business He could not find time for himself just to relax and unwind.

When the demands of work became overwhelming versus the returns, Tim decided to take a two- week vacation in Europe. He decided to delegate non- essential tasks to virtual assistants. Tim made a strict commitment to only check with his virtual assistants a few days during the week.

The experience was a revelation for Tim. He came back to work relaxed and rejuvenated. He sold BrainQUICKEN and wrote of his experience managing business with virtual assistants and outsourced work in the bestselling book “The Four- Hour Work Week: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich” in 2007.

Pat Flynn

Before he became one of the most popular bloggers, Pat did the 9- to- 5 grind in the concrete jungle. After he got laid off from his regular office job, Pat decided to become an online entrepreneur and started the widely successful blog, “Smart Passive Income”.

When he was a regular 9- to- 5 employee, Pat was earning a five figure salary per year. Four years into his blog, Pat started earning five figures per month!

For Pat, outsourcing services paid dividends in that he was able to allocate his time more productively. By delegating non- essential tasks to virtual assistants, Pat was able to focus more on the core functions of his blogging business.

Michael Hyatt

Bestselling author, publishing company consultant, resource speaker, entrepreneur and blogger Michael Hyatt is a man who wears many hats.

Entrepreneurs are people who love challenges and they never say “no” to a great opportunity. But work eventually became overwhelming that Michael had a difficult time managing his choice of hats.

Michael’s decision of hiring a full- time employee versus hiring a virtual assistant hinged on its costs and benefits. It did not take long for Michael to opt for hiring a virtual assistant.

It cost him much less to maintain virtual assistant services and he was able to increase his productivity.

Cody McKibben

Cody is a typical entrepreneur. He takes calculated risks, has a creative mind and thinks outside the box. He lives and breathes the entrepreneurial lifestyle and has made it his advocacy to help other entrepreneurs by sharing his experiences.

Cody is co- founder of The Digital Normal Academy, a company that guides entrepreneurs how to succeed at their chosen ventures by embracing the virtual lifestyle.

Cody has used virtual assistants in every facet of his business. Outsourcing services such as non- essential tasks and specialized work which did not fall under his core competencies helped Coby become more productive and save up on valuable costs.

James Schramko

This highly successful Sydney- based entrepreneur left his regular job to become one of the best Internet marketers in the world. His blog can be found on page one on the number two spot for the highly- coveted keyword “Internet Marketer”.

For James, the value of hiring virtual assistants commiserates with the number of virtual assistants you hire. James did not hire just one Virtual Assistant, he hired an entire team!

By outsourcing that work, James was able to focus on his duties and responsibilities as an in-demand internet marketer.

Brendon Burchard

Brendon went from being bankrupt to becoming an entrepreneur earning a seven-figure income. He owns and operates The Experts Academy which hires business experts and consultants to teach you how to manage your business and career as an entrepreneur.

When he was bankrupt, Brendon hardly had enough money left to get help onboard his new venture. Hiring a virtual assistant was his only option and it proved to be a highly productive one.

According to Brendon, he started out with one assistant and delegated only the non- productive tasks so he could focus on growing the business. His virtual assistant rode the turbulent waters with Brendon in all of the ups and the downs. Today, The Experts Academy is one of the most successful business consultancy companies.

Outsourcing services is a proven effective strategy for growing your business. But make sure to qualify your virtual assistant to be sure you have found the perfect fit for your needs.

Felix Tarcomnicu is a virtual assistant with a passion for writing articles about entrepreneurship and businesses. He enjoys helping small businesses find the right outsourcing solution.