Social Media Word CloudHello readers! My name is Krizia (aka Miss Krizia) and I’m a new contributing blogger and I’ll cover a lot of valuable content to help grow your business. Since I’m a Video Marketing Strategist, expect a lot of really great articles on leveraging video in your business! I look forward to reading your comments!

So you’re starting a business in the creative field. Congratulations!

Have you thought of how you’re going to market your cool products?

Let’s face it, when you’re starting a business, you usually have limited funds when it comes to promotion! Very few start-ups can afford the services of a PR agency, a video production firm or an SEO firm to help boost traffic to their e-commerce site.

Creative entrepreneurs such as jewelry designers, accessory designers, interior decorator, kitchen supply shops and photographers are flocking to Pinterest with a vengeance because the traffic is phenomenal and the conversions to sales extraordinary.

As a Video Marketing Strategist, I’m most impressed with the fact that entrepreneurs starting a business can create some serious buzz if they combine the viral nature of Pinterest with the power of YouTube!

Pinterest is an image-driven social network that is a godsend for retailers and artists because it gives them a chance to easily show off and share images of their products and creations.

It has the added benefit of allowing retailers to sell their products directly from Pinterest (something you cannot do on Facebook in such a direct way).

It’s true Pinterest (18 million users) doesn’t hold a candle next to Facebook (over 900 million users), but on May 30, 2012, CNET reported that Pinterest users were twice as likely to buy products than Facebook users! It seems that Pinterest users outshine those on Facebook when it comes to buying items they see posted on those respective boards which usually link to shopping carts, says a new poll of 300-some online shoppers.

Since I’m not selling creative art on Pinterest, I had to find a way of creating a real impact with my boards that would also serve my business.

I’ve spent a lot of time, effort and energy building my YouTube channels and I’ve made sure each video we upload is optimized and takes viewers to a page where they can sign up to be added to my mailing list.

Pinterest has become the social media platform that allows me to maximize all this video work!

It’s true you can share videos on Facebook and Twitter, but once you’ve shared them, they sort of get lost in the sea of new updates.

You can create a video tab on your Facebook Fan Page where all of your videos are kept into one neat category, but Pinterest allows you to organize all uploaded YouTube video clips on one board that is very visible.

If you’re going to combine the power of Pinterest and YouTube there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  1. If you optimize the title of the board you intend on uploading you videos to, you are sure to get some targeted traffic to your YouTube channel and that will not only increase your video views but also send your way new potential buyers!
  2. If you have multiple YouTube channels like I do, make sure to create different Pinterest boards because the name of the game with Pinterest is “targeted traffic”.
  3. Just like with anything added to Pinterest, users can “share (aka repin)”, “like” or leave a comment on the videos you upload!
  4. If you log into Pinterest via your Facebook account, you get the added benefit of being able to share any new content you add to your account including your new YouTube video uploads!
  5. You can take things to the next level by integrating your Pinterest feeds to your Facebook Fan Page and that allows Facebook fans to keep up to date with your latest Pinterest updates without leaving Facebook.

There are a few key important things about Pinterest that might influence your decision in pursuing this social media platform as one more strategy for your business: 1) You can only join by invitation and once that’s removed they will grow massively 2) it’s a predominantly female platform. The vast majority of Pinterest users are Caucasian women aged 18-34. My take on this is that once they remove the “by invitation only”, their demography will change dramatically and older women will also join.

That said, I LOVE Pinterest’s automatic integration with YouTube because it allows potential clients to qualify themselves. Your videos act as a screening process. Pinterest users who land on your videos will know very quickly if your message resonates with them and from your YouTube channel they can make their way to your blog, site or squeeze page.

This two-step process might seem a bit cumbersome, but in the end, you’ll find yourself with a much higher quality of potential buyers!