Richard and NellieHere’s another interview with one of our amazing CorpNet clients! Meet Richard Giorla, who turned personal physical tragedy into a business he’s passionate about: Cardio Barre.

Turning Lemons to Lemonade

After decades of hard work as a dancer, Richard suffered a hip injury that prevented him from continuing down that career path. Not one to sit around feeling sorry for himself, he immediately began to search for an exercise routine that fit what his body needed post-injury.

After attending a ballet-based exercise class, Richard had found what he needed. But he didn’t stop there. In 2001, he opened his first Cardio Barre studio, which offered a high-energy, low-impact cardio workout. At that point, everything changed for him:

“It became my life….my identity…gave me a clear purpose and sense of great achievement.”

Taking it to the Masses

But Richard couldn’t be satisfied with one Cardio Barre. As demand increased, he opened several other locations in the LA. Then he began to consider franchising his studio.

Richard says he had a vision of bringing this new cutting-edge concept to the world. He has devoted a lot of energy to finding and training the best instructors to help his clients have a happier and healthier lifestyle.

To date, there are 22 Cardio Barre franchises, with five more in the pipeline. While many of the locations are in California, others have opened up in Texas, Florida, Nevada, and Tennessee.

How CorpNet Helped Richard

Richard met Nellie in one of his Cardio Barre classes, and the two hit it off right away (if you know Nellie, you know she makes friends everywhere she goes). As they got to know each other, Richard realized what an asset Nellie was, and began to use CorpNet to incorporate his business and consult with other businesses.

Richard says of CorpNet and Nellie: “Great company and a great owner.”

Plans for 2016

Richard says he plans to continue to grow his Cardio Barre empire this year, as well as add streaming classes for a worldwide audience. And finally he plans to “never lose touch of my purpose of inspiring through fitness, education, and passion!”

Advice to New Entrepreneurs

Richard gives new business owners this advice: be ready for hard work, and love what you do. That’s the ticket to turn passion to profit. He also says self-education is the key to success.

As for mistakes, he says: “mistakes are only failures if you repeat them. Use them as learning tools in the next move forward.”

Richard is just one of the many entrepreneurs we’ve helped. But don’t take our word for it. View our stellar customer reviews here.