Blogging is one of the things I love best about running an online business – so I’m particularly excited to attend the BlogWorld Expo in Los Angeles on Nov. 4-5, 2011. Any bloggers are welcome to stop by the CorpNet booth (#405) to sign up for a chance to win a FREE iPad. (We’re giving away 2 FREE iPads, one on each day of the exhibits.)

Blogging is a hobby, a passion and a source of income for millions of writers and small business owners – but what if you want to take your blog to the next level and incorporate your blog as an LLC or Corporation?

Here are some of the big issues that bloggers should be aware of when they are considering whether to incorporate a blog:

  • Protect your assets: Perhaps the biggest advantage of incorporating when you launch a business is that it protects your personal assets from those of the business. Whether you create an LLC or incorporate as an S-Corporation or C-Corporation, your personal financial assets (home, savings, retirement fund, stocks, etc.) will be kept apart from the liabilities of the company.
  • Consider the tax advantages: Depending on the type of corporation you establish, there might also be significant tax advantages. (This depends on your income; we cannot provide tax advice and we encourage you to ask a professional tax adviser prior to deciding on a business structure.)
  • Avoid incurring legal fees: One special risk that bloggers are increasingly facing is the risk of getting sued for defamation or libel. This is kind of a “worst-case scenario,” and hopefully it won’t happen to you, but it has happened to other bloggers. For example, this blogger was ordered to pay a $60,000 settlement due to statements he posted on his blog. Other bloggers have been sued for negative product reviews or comments that they posted on their blog about a particular company, product or individual. Even if you’re completely in the right and the lawsuit against you is totally frivolous and without merit, the legal fees that accrue during the course of a lawsuit can be ruinous. This is yet another reason to give yourself the protection of a corporate shield to separate your personal finances from your business.

Why should bloggers incorporate with CorpNet?

It can be hard to get good advice about how to incorporate a blog. Many bloggers start out as hobbyists or passionate experts about a certain niche, and then over time they find their audience growing by leaps and bounds – and suddenly they have a “real business” on their hands.

CorpNet is the ideal choice if you’re inexperienced in dealing with questions like “How can I incorporate my blog?” And “should I form an LLC or a corporation?” There are lots of other online incorporation services, but no one is better than CorpNet at offering advice and delivering attentive customer service. Our team is on the phone all day talking with entrepreneurs, business owners and bloggers, helping them start a business the right way, with the right choice of corporate structure. You can contact CorpNet and talk to a real person, right away.

You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars to an attorney to incorporate, and you don’t need to struggle with figuring it all out on your own – CorpNet can help you incorporate your blog with the right choice of business structure, and we’ll manage the business filings to get it done.

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