I’m a big fan of getting help where I need it. Over the years, Phil and I have hired really smart people to help us grow CorpNet. But it’s not just our employees that help us. We also work with a recruiting firm, Tri-Search, which helps us find the best talent for a given role.

I sat down with Steve Aylsworth, Managing Partner and Founder of Tri-Search to talk about how business owners can partner with the right recruiting firm to find great new employees.

Who Benefits from Hiring a Recruiting Firm?

You might think that as a small business, working with a recruiting firm would be overkill, but Steve disagrees. He says Tri-Search works with everything from startups to billion dollar organizations, and that if there’s a need, it’s a good fit.

“If they need to acquire unique talent and they need assistance in locating this talent, and the effort is outside their own available resources, a recruiting company can be a huge benefit.”

What Should You Look for in a Recruiting Firm?

For me, it’s all about relationships and reputation. I knew Tri-Search’s VP of Business Development, and that connection helped me get to know others on the team. I feel like an important client of Tri-Search’s, and that makes all the difference.

Steve says you should find a firm that makes a good partner with your company.

Look for a partnership!  A firm that is flexible with the company’s ongoing needs by coming up with flexible solutions that specifically fit their needs.  Every company is different with a different set of circumstances, and it’s important for the recruitment firm to provide the right tailored solution to fit the company’s special and unique situation.”

What are Some Red Flags to Avoid When Considering Recruiting Firms?

Not all recruiting firms are created equal. Believe me; I’ve worked with some doozies. Steve says the recruiters on the team should be highly trained. I’d add that it’s nice if they already have contacts in your industry.

Steve also says that the recruiting firm should provide solid guarantees on their placements. What’s their policy in the event that the candidate doesn’t work out? What are you responsible for paying in that situation?

What Role Does Social Media Play in Finding Talent These Days?

I find it so interesting that recruiters are using social media to connect with potential hires. But it doesn’t do the job all on its own, Steve says.

“LinkedIn remains the major social media player for recruitment.  While it’s a great tool, it also needs to be executed appropriately to find the best talent.  Social media can be helpful, but you can never remove the personal element of recruiting and specifically targeting the perfect talent.”

Final Words: This is a People Business

If you want to hire great people, you need a great recruiting firm to help you do the job. In my experience working with Tri-Search, I’ve always had my expectations blown away (and I have pretty high standards!) and love the results they get for us.

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