The kids aren’t the only ones who are getting schooled this time of year! As a small business owner, you should constantly be seeking to learn more that will help you grow your business. The fall and back-to-school time is just an excuse to offer up ten of the best places to learn what you need to know to succeed.

1. Blogs

There are thousands of blogs online, on every matter of subjects, from starting a business to marketing it. Read up on topics you don’t know much about, and discover new trends and industry updates along the way. Here are some fabulous small biz blogs:

2. Webinars

If you prefer learning by watching a video or viewing streaming presentations, look into online webinars. They’re often interactive, and provide more “virtual” hands-on learning. Try these on for size.

3. Books

Every year, dozens of great books for small businesses are published. While it’s difficult to keep up with changing technologies, like social media, these books provide a great platform for learning. Here’s where to find them.

4. Online Courses
No need to commute to your local community college to beef up on social media tools, entrepreneurship or tips for starting a business! There are online courses you can take at your leisure, without enrolling in a permanent program. Like these, for example:
5. Local Workshops
Chambers of Commerce, local businesses, even national companies…these are all great resources for workshops on topics relating to small business. Some of these will be free, while others will charge a fee. Look in your local newspaper or on the websites of well-known companies for details.
6. Small Biz Resources
The great thing about this category is that most of the resources are 100% free. Some have local branches, while others focus on online  education.
7. Small Business Forums
A great way to learn is from other business owners, and forums are a great place to find them. Contribute to a thread you’re interested in, or just read what others have to say.
8. Magazines
Many businesses that cater to entrepreneurs and startups offer digital versions for tablets, as well as websites with content that’s updated more than once a month. These are great founts of knowledge.

9. Networking

You might be surprised what you can learn at a networking event in your community. Often industry leaders are invited to speak to educate the audience on a given topic. There are groups that cater to all sorts of interest.

10. Your Mistakes!

What better place to learn from than your own mistakes? Take every experience you have as learning, and work to make better decisions in the future.

Want to learn more about forming an LLC or what business structure you should choose? is another great learning resource for everything related to small business!