If you’re running a small business, you’re busy. Every day, you’re dealing with dozens of decisions and fighting fires and keeping customers happy and paying bills and sending invoices and making money. It’s a great life, and every day we’re in business we should be grateful for what we have.

But one of the problems with the busy routine of a business owner is that too often, we don’t pay attention to the important things that need to be done because we’re so (justifiably) pre-occupied with the day-to-day “urgent” things that take up so much of our time and attention.

Have you been thinking about incorporating your business, but haven’t gotten around to it? Have you wanted to form an LLC or incorporate as an S-Corporation or other corporate structure, but your busy daily routine keeps getting in the way?

This New Year, why not take just a few minutes to decisively focus on getting this hugely important thing done for your business? Don’t get distracted or delayed any longer. Don’t let “urgent” things and daily interruptions keep you from doing something that is fundamentally crucial to your business’s long-term health and to the security of your family.

Want to form an LLC? CorpNet can help. We have LLC formation packages starting at $49 (in addition to your state-specific incorporation fees.)

Want to incorporate as an S-Corporation and achieve the S-Corp tax benefits you wished you’d had last year? Talk to CorpNet. We’ll walk you through your options in choosing a business structure so you can make an informed decision that is the best fit for your business and your life.

Don’t delay anymore. If you’ve been working as a sole proprietor or running a “side business,” why not make 2012 the year that you made your business “official.”

You know you want to incorporate your business, you know you need to do this, so why not take a few moments here at the start of 2012 and get it done once and for all?

Many business owners cherish the time around the holidays and the New Year because it’s often a quiet time before the daily rush resumes. As we all know, New Year’s resolutions can be easy to forget about once those early days of good intentions pass into memory. As a business owner, it can be all too easy once the year gets underway to let these important things slide in the face of the daily rush of business.

Give yourself a “New Year’s gift” for your business. Take time early in 2012 to incorporate your business and get it done right. CorpNet can help. Contact us today for a Free Business Consultation to discuss your questions and needs.