In business, you can set yourself on the path to success by always striving to put your best foot forward. Unfortunately, that’s not always quite so easy to do—especially when you feel nervous or insecure. When we’re less than confident in our own selves, we tend to hold back, sometimes leaving the impression that we’re standoffish or uninterested in the people around us.

That doesn’t exactly endear us in the minds of others and it can cause us to seem less credible to potential clients.

As I’ve started and run businesses, selling my myself has always been an important ingredient to my success. And demonstrating confidence has played a key role in enabling me to do that and to earn the trust—and business—of prospects.

How To Rise Above Lack of Self-Confidence So You Can Sell Yourself

Even though you may not feel confident, there are a few things you can do to help you project a more confident, self-assured professional self.

When meeting with clients or mingling with others in the business community…

  • Prepare for the occasion. In advance of an event or meeting, make a checklist of everything you’ll need to take with you. Also, think about what you’ll discuss and anticipate questions others might have. Simply knowing that you know your stuff will help you stay calm and exude confidence.
  • Practice your elevator pitch. Over and over and over again—so you’ll be able to do it flawlessly without stumbling over words or forgetting key points. With enough practice, you can get to the point where your elevator speech will be on “auto-pilot,” and you won’t have to think twice about what you want to say when you’re in the moment.
  • Dress like you mean business. Even though many business events are far more casual than they used to be several years ago, always err on the side of professionalism. And of course, exercise good grooming and hygiene habits under all circumstances. Being put together and looking your best boosts confidence inside and out.
  • Act the part. Even if your self-assuredness is shaky, that doesn’t mean you have to be. Concentrate on presenting a poised presence despite your jitters. Chances are your outward demonstration of confidence will make you genuinely feel more cool and collected, too.
  • Let your authentic and genuine self shine through. Above all, this is the key to selling yourself with conviction no matter where you are and whom you’re meeting with. It’s what will set you apart and help you rise to any occasion.

So, the next time you’re feeling apprehensive about going out there and selling yourself, put your fears and insecurities to rest. With a little planning and attention to professionally presenting yourself, you can display self-confidence even when you may not have it in you just yet.

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