Our team has been working hard for the past few months to perfect our latest complimentary service to CorpNet.com customers and in a continuing effort to give our clients the best service available out there, we’ve taken a leap past the competition by offering this free service.  It’s live and we are so excited to introduce you to the Compliance Portal

The Compliance Portal that will send you reminders of important due dates and business filings such as deadlines for tax filings, annual reports due, and so much more helping entrepreneurs keep their business compliant with state filings to avoid rising late fees and penalties!

For a small business, the number of filings required in a given year can be overwhelming. For example, in California, a newly formed corporation must obtain a Federal Tax ID number, file an Initial Statement of Information (also known as an initial report filing in most states), elect S Corporation status (if desired), file a DBA or fictitious business name filing, and file an annual statement of information (also known as an annual report filing in most states) on the anniversary date of the corporation’s filing date.

Failure to file any of this paperwork can lead to additional fines and penalties. With rising state budget deficits, many states are looking to increase revenues by ramping up their collection efforts for small business owners who fail to file their compliance paperwork on time.

That’s where CorpNet comes in. Complimentary to any new or existing small business owner, attorney, or accountant/CPA, CorpNet sends personalized email alerts for important tax and state filing deadlines. As a result, small business owners don’t have to worry about missing due dates, paying late fees, or risking non-compliance by forgetting to file. The service is available at no cost to any company, whether or not it was formed by CorpNet.

CorpNet.com offers the following concierge services:

  • Email alerts let you know whenever important compliance filings are due with your state
  • Personalized tax alerts reminding you of important tax deadlines throughout the year
  • Secure online storage to keep all your essential company documents organized, safe, and always accessible
  • Personalized business profile that tracks all the important data about your company like formation date, Federal Tax ID number, business licenses and permits, and more
  • An interactive ordering center that makes it easy to find what you need when you need such as obtaining a Federal TAX ID number, electing S Corporation status, obtaining a business license or permit, making changes to your company name or address information (articles of amendment), doing business as a different name (DBA or fictitious business name filing) doing business in multiple states (foreign qualification filing) changing your existing company structure (Conversion) closing a company (also referred to as Dissolution) and ordering additional products and services for your existing business  online (whether or not you originally formed the company through corpnet) at a click of a button without going through a tedious ordering process. Whether you need to get a business license or file a DBA,  incorporate a business, or form an LLC, you can do it right through the Compliance Portal at the click of a button instead of having to navigate different websites like the state, county, IRS, or franchise tax board.

CorpNet.com’s Compliance Portal is not the only way that CorpNet aims to simplify the logistics of starting and running a business. The company recently launched the Business Structure Wizard to help guide new business owners in selecting a business structure for a new or existing business.

Avoid late penalties and don’t miss another due date!  Register your new or existing business into the Compliance Portal by signing up for a free account today!

Register your business with CorpNet today and don’t miss another deadline!

Get started today and feel free to touch base with ANY questions!

– The CorpNet.com Team