BullseyeThe face of how businesses connect with consumers is changing, and it’s an exciting time. Gone are the days when marketers could simply hope that television viewers would watch commercials, or that a mass targeted email would result in some sales.

Now we’ve hit upon what’s called social behavior targeting, and it’s guaranteed to make the entire sales/buying process less painful for everyone.

What is Social Behavior Targeting?

Social behavior targeting uses what you’re doing online–the topics you tweet about, the things you search for, pages you like on Facebook–to customize marketing offers for you. You’ve likely already been the target of such a campaign. The next time you’re on Facebook, see what ads pop up on the right. Chances are, they’re geared toward something you’ve done or been interested in on Facebook.

And Amazon and Netflix have been using social behavior targeting for years to help you find other products you might like. This concept is now being more widely used in internet advertising and email marketing.

Your Customers Aren’t One-Size-Fits-All

What this means for you as a small business is great opportunity to better connect with more qualified leads. Rather than blanket marketing to anyone between the ages of 20 and 35, you can direct your message only to that age group that likes rock climbing, for example.

Social behavior targeting can:

  • Increase your leads to close ratio
  • Save the time you wasted chasing dead end leads
  • Understand what your customers really want
  • Reach customers where they’re hanging out

Not only do you get the opportunity to whittle down your potential leads list to really good prospects, but your potential customers will be more grateful for being better targeted. We’ve all gotten those spammy emails for weight loss or male enhancement and rolled our eyes because clearly we weren’t targeted. But what if your potential customers were actually excited to see your ad on Facebook or get your email offer? They’ll be that much more likely to want to buy from you, and they’ll appreciate you not wasting their time.

Where to Find Social Behavior Targeting

There are certain ad platforms (Facebook and LinkedIn use it) that are currently using social behavior targeting.  Email provider Silverpop is also using targeting to help small businesses zero in on what their customers actually want. You’ll see more and more marketing opportunities using behavior as the targeting tool in the next few months. In a few years, you’ll wonder how anything else ever worked!

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