For me the five main Social Media outlets are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and now Pinterest too. Social is where everyone is these days so businesses need to be there too; especially when starting off to grow your network quickly and cheaply. Each of the five platforms I’ve mentioned have different methods of connections and you’ll find different people on all although some, like me, will straddle all platforms to make the most of it.

This takes time and dedication though. Don’t expect it all to grow overnight.


LinkedIn is like being in a smart restaurant, everything runs politely and quietly…..most of the time. It connects business people and is great for job hunting too. I must admit that I haven’t utilized LinkedIn enough and there were a lot of changes recently so I’ve been swotting up a bit. They have made the site more user friendly – similar to Facebook with posts being shared, liked and commented on.

I have found the following posts to help explain some of the changes:-

Take Advantage of the New LinkedIn Profile Layout Great post explaining simply how to make your profile look better with a cover picture by Buzz Small Business Magazine

New LinkedIn feature adds another layer of professional validation Endorsements are a simple and quick way to validate the skills of your connections. Great post by Cendrine Marrouat.


Twitter is more like a wine bar where everyone can mingle and chat. Conversations can be going on around different tables but it’s simple to go and join in if you want to. It’s a sociable site that is mostly chat, connecting up and sharing. There have been some slight changes to Twitter recently too.

Here are some useful posts to help with Twitter changes:-

How To Create A Stand Out Identity With The Newest Twitter Header Twitter have also recently brought in a new header photo – seems to be the in thing these days and is simply explained by Al Gomez.

50+ Creative Twitter Headers for Your Inspiration.  So if you haven’t got a clue about your new header here are some good examples from Wong Ching Ya.


Facebook is like a café where there could be a few kids running around and it’s quite noisy with everyone chatting. Loads of photos are being taken and shared. There are lots of conversations being had about everyday lives. And in the corner of the café some business is being discussed amidst the chaos. Facebook brings something new in constantly making it hard to keep up.

I found a couple of useful posts to help you use Facebook effectively.

How To Run Competitions On Facebook By The Rules I often see people breaking Facebook rules with their competitions – this post explains how to do them properly by

Social Media Posting Guide  This is a brilliant infographic and covers Twitter too by NonProfits.


For me Google+ is like a club with different rooms and you can join in each room (circle) if you’re “allowed” into the room plus there is a main hall where you can congregate for a chat too. Personally I am still getting to grips with Google+ and it’s still a learning curve for me, and a very interesting curve that is so far.

I hope these posts will help you as they have helped me with Google+:-

Google+ Branding Strategies  For me this explained it all easily and in a simple way too from Tweetsmarter.

An Overview Of Google+ And Its Features  This is a basic but comprehensive guide of Google+ by Internet Marketing Zone 6


And Pinterest is like a nice dinner party, mainly women there and all swapping recipes, holiday photos and pictures of houses they like. It has grown phenomenally since the start and of course does include men too :).

I have previously done a post about Pinterest to help but here are some more:-

5 Reasons Why Pinterest is Becoming the Best Social Media Marketing Tool  A great post explaining why Pinterest is working so well for business by Computer how to Guide.

Pinterest Cheat Sheet and Tips to Better Use the Network  Brilliant and simple tips on how to use Pinterest effectively from DiTesco

I hope that all of the above have helped you with the Social Media platforms mentioned. Everyone is still learning and with all the constant changes even more so. Please let me know any good posts or tips because I’m still learning too.