Stop WatchWould you be shocked at how little time I spend each week marketing my business? Probably. On average, I spend under an hour managing my social media, email, and other marketing components. Am I practicing magic? Not so. I’m simply using smart tools to automate a lot of my marketing tasks. I’ll share my secret formula with you so you can save time and get more marketing done.

1. Boost Email Subscribers with SumoMe’s ScrollBox

This is my new favorite tool. SumoMe makes a lot of cool marketing tools, but I love ScrollBox. With it, I’ve got a non-annoying box that peeps up on my press release website and invites people to download a free sample chapter from my book. From there, the emails dump into another tool (#2, in fact), and they start getting my automated emails.

Why you should try it: If your standard email subscription box on your website sidebar isn’t attracting many subscribers, this free tool might just do it. And you’ve got nothing to lose: it’s free.

2. Forget About Your Emails with Active Campaign

Once people sign up for my list, they get entered into one of several lists in my Active Campaign account. Now, I’ve used a lot of email marketing software, and by far, I am most impressed with this one. You can create not just a single email but an entire campaign and decide how many days after the last email the next should go out, take certain actions based on your subscribers’ behavior, and monitor which emails they’re opening.

Why you should try it: For just $9 a month, you can set up entire campaigns and then sit back and sip your cappucino while the money rolls in.

3. Look Totally Smart on Social Media with SocialBuzzClub

Despite being in the marketing industry, I spend surprisingly little time on social media. I just don’t have time to spend scouring my stream and searching for content to share. So I use SocialBuzzClub for curated content from other members. I choose the posts I want to share, and the update is already filled out for me. I simply pick the account I want to share it on and schedule it. I love that I can schedule it for the future, and fill up my accounts with days and days of updates in just minutes.

Why you should try it: You get points for the content you share, then can use those points to have others share your content. It’s currently one of the top referrers of traffic to my blog. There’s a special right now for 50% off a Premium membership (normally $197 a year).

4. Stay Active on Social with Hootsuite

I mention Hootsuite a lot, and for good reason. They keep on innovating. Not only can you manage your Twitter, G+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other accounts from one place, but you can also create teams who can access your social profiles. My favorite new feature is Suggestions. Based on given keywords, Hootsuite will suggest blog content for you to schedule and share. And speaking of scheduling: I spend a few minutes once a week and get all my updates for the week scheduled.

Why you should try it: The free account is pretty amazing, and the Pro account is even better, at just $14.95 a month. I guarantee you’ll feel more organized and active on social media.