Cyber Monday Sale on Street SignAs if “Black Friday” wasn’t enough, now America’s retailers have invented “Cyber Monday” to tempt and torment us with fantastic holiday shopping deals. As an online business that helps customers start a business and process business filings online, CorpNet has decided to be part of the Cyber Monday trend as well.

To help celebrate the spirit of the holiday discount season, we’re offering a special Cyber Monday coupon to help customers save $50 when they choose one of our Deluxe or Complete business incorporation packages.

Cyber Monday isn’t just for browsing websites and buying holiday gifts – it’s also the ideal day to start a business with the help of CorpNet’s online incorporation services.

In fact, we’re taking Cyber Monday beyond “Monday” alone. Read on!

What is the CorpNet Cyber Monday discount?

From November 28-30, 2011, you can receive $50 off any Deluxe or Complete CorpNet business formation service package. Our Deluxe and Complete packages help you incorporate a business with a full range of additional services and features.

CorpNet’s Deluxe package starts at $149 and the Complete package starts at $249 (in addition to state filing fees, shipping and handling), so this Cyber Monday discount gives you at least a 20% or 30% savings, depending on your specific purchase.

We’re stretching Cyber Monday into the middle of the week – our Cyber Monday business incorporation discount goes from Monday, Nov. 26 through Wednesday, Nov. 28.

Use the following discount code when you place your order: CYBERMON

Why should you start a business on Cyber Monday?

The end of the year is an ideal time to start a business, and many Secretary of State offices report that December is one of their busiest months of the year for processing new business filings.

If you want to protect your assets and get started on receiving the financial advantages of starting a business with a corporate structure, there’s no time like the present to start a business with CorpNet.

What if you want to start your business in January 2013? Do you have to wait until Jan. 2013 to incorporate?

No! CorpNet offers a delayed filing service that enables you to get your Cyber Monday discount, register your business name, and incorporate your business ASAP after Jan. 1, 2013 with a priority filing from our incorporation experts.

When you do a delayed filing to start a business, you won’t incur any state filing fees or applicable corporate taxes until 2012. (This does not apply to taxes owed on personal income you earned as a sole proprietor – be sure to consult with a professional tax advisor if you have any questions about your tax liability, regardless of your incorporation status.)

Cyber Monday is not just a day to lounge around in front of the computer, looking for bargains.

Instead, Cyber Monday can be a day to launch your dream of starting a business – while getting a generous discount on one of CorpNet’s best packages of incorporation services.

Call CorpNet at 1-888-449-2638 for a Free Business Consultation and ask how you can qualify for the $50 Cyber Monday discount. We have real people on the phone who will be happy to talk with you and figure out the right package of services for your needs. We’ll give you all the information you need to order online or by phone during the Nov. 26-28 Cyber Monday discount offer.

When is the CorpNet Cyber Monday discount valid?

Our $50 discount on CorpNet’s Deluxe or Complete incorporation services is valid from Nov. 26-28, 2012. Don’t forget to use the special discount code when you place your order: CYBERMON