A lot of people think, wrongly, that deciding to start a business is all about money and technology and processes and managing details. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

While all those other things are important, the truth is, when you decide to start a business, you’re not just taking a financial risk or trying to make more money or have a nicer car – you’re putting your heart and soul on the line.

Lots of people think that running an online business is impersonal or mechanistic or “cold” or even “hands-off” and “easy”– you just set up a website and watch the money come in, right?

WRONG. The truth is, as I’ve learned from starting a business online, is that running an online business is not an impersonal, arms-length endeavor. If anything, running a business online and marketing your business online means that you have to make your business more “personal” than ever before.

People can find out about your company via your website, Twitter, Facebook or other social media, but the difference maker is the human element – the personal touches and insights into your character (and your company’s character) that make people want to identify with you and buy from you.

One of the things I love most about being the CEO of CorpNet, is that I’ve been able to build this company in my own image to reflect my most important values as an entrepreneur.

Here are some of the personal values and personal touches that I hope people experience when they decide to start a business with CorpNet’s online incorporation services:

  • Friendly: Here at CorpNet, we’re not just a big behemoth company – we’re REAL PEOPLE who are on the phone every day helping entrepreneurs start a business.
  • Caring: We genuinely care about every customer who calls. We offer a FREE BUSINESS CONSULTATION (by phone, with no obligation) to anyone who needs help choosing a business structure or figuring out the ins-and-outs of incorporating a business.
  • Passionate: Other than meeting my husband Phil or raising my four wonderful children, I have yet to encounter anything in life that is more inspiring than working at CorpNet helping entrepreneurs. I love to hear the stories and share the energy of people who are creating a better future for themselves, their employees and their communities by starting a business.
  • Authentic: At CorpNet we like to speak from the heart and share our experiences – that’s one of the reasons why I write so frequently for the CorpNet blog. I believe that when customers hear your “real-life stories” about why you love running a business, they will be more likely to buy from you.
  • Accurate: We are sticklers for accuracy here at CorpNet, as evidenced by our 100% accurate business filings guarantee and our 100% positive customer feedback from the Better Business Bureau. This has never happened before, but in case any customer is ever less-than-satisfied with our services, we will give them their money back – guaranteed.

So don’t think for a minute that just because you’re running an online business, you don’t need to make it “personal.” Sharing your personality and demonstrating your business’s values are the best way to invest in long-term relationships with your customers.

Especially when you decide to start a business, there is no longer a distinction between “business” and “personal” life. Your business needs to be very personal. It needs to be a reflection of your best self and your most important values. This is truer than ever before.