Woman on iPadPinterest is the new Social Media phenomenon sometimes surpassing Facebook and Twitter in referrals these days.

It is a “pretty” site to use, full of pictures which attract the eye and therefore your mouse to click and see what it’s all about. Pictures work well – as we know from Facebook already.  So if you’re not on Pinterest already then you should be – for yourself, for your business and also for fun as it can get quite addictive.

Here are 8 posts to helps explain how to get started on Pinterest, how to keep it going plus some interesting stats and success stories.

If you are serious about Social Media then you really cannot overlook Pinterest as I’m sure you’ll realise from the above posts. I am Sian Phillips on Pinterest and you can follow my boards here. I’d be really interested in hearing your thoughts on Pinterest – are you using it and finding it useful….or not?