Sports Plan Written on ChalkboardEach month, approximately 543,000 new businesses launch with the hopes of becoming one of the few who survive long term. With so much competition, it’s more important than ever that entrepreneurs have the right combination of features in place from the start. Here are ten ingredients every startup needs to succeed.


Before you begin putting your new business together, you should set aside time for research. Carefully study the market and compile data clearly demonstrating your idea is not only unique, but meets market demand.


Timing often plays a crucial role in a startup’s success. It’s important to launch at the optimum time for the market, but you should also avoid delaying too long. Many innovative ideas have been killed by someone else coming out with the same product or service just a little faster.

A Plan

Your startup will need a solid business plan to earn funding and support from partners. In creating that business plan, you’ll also be thinking through each aspect of your idea.


Starting a business for the sole sake of running a startup will never work. Only true passion for the startup you’re launching will be enough to sustain you through the many challenges. Make sure the idea you’ve generated is something you’ll be excited about throughout your business’s lifetime.


The right support system can be essential to success. This includes mentors and peers who will relate to what you’re going through and provide helpful advice along the way.


From the day you devise your idea to the day you mark your five-year anniversary in business, you should never stop learning. The information you learn will help you ask the right questions to keep your concepts sharp and your products competitive.


No business can thrive without marketing. From the start, you should have a plan in place to get the word out about your business and set money aside to do it. Spend time researching marketing tips for your industry and take tips from experts as you build your strategy.


Surviving year after year takes a personal commitment to your business. You’ll put in long hours with little financial reward at first, with that commitment often being the only thing pushing you forward.


Before you get a “yes,” you’ll likely encounter numerous “no’s.” Potential investors, business partners, and even customers and clients will reject you along the way. You have to have the perseverance to keep going, even when others doubt you.


As you build your business, kindness is essential. It can be tempting at times to deceive and betray your colleagues and competitors but stay true to yourself and you’ll build a company you’re proud to own. You never know when you’ll encounter someone again, so you should always strive to leave a lasting positive impression.

Building a new business is never easy, but with the right tools, you can make it a success. Consider these things before you start seeking funding and setting up your office and you’ll likely be well prepared.