You love running your small business, but sometimes stress makes you wonder why you keep working so hard. Some stress is normal for entrepreneurs, of course, but if it’s taking over your business and personal life, it’s time to take measures to fix it. These tips will help ease the stress in your day-to-day work life.

1. Take a Deep Breath. We’ve all heard this advice, so why do so few of us take it? Taking a deep breath when you’re mired in stress can reduce that pressure and make you more aware. It can also help you step outside of the situation and help you see through the tension.

2. Take a Walk. If you’ve just gotten bad news while in your office, that’s the worst time to try to keep working. Your best bet is to get out of the building and walk for five to ten minutes. Add in #1 for best results! Sometimes physically getting away from a place where you’re hitting an obstacle is the best way to calm down and figure out a solution.

3. Find Your Path to Organization. We all stay organized differently. Some of us effectively use Post-It notes, while others rely on digital calendars. Find what works for you, and use it for everything: appointments, meetings, tasks. The more organized you are, the calmer you will remain.

4. Schedule Exercise. We all push aside our weekly exercise routine when stress mounts, but in fact, you need that exercise even more during this time. Mark your calendar, put it on a Post-It note (whatever you decided to use in #3). Just make it a standing appointment and don’t foresake it, even for a business meeting.

5. Don’t Eat at Your Desk. It can be tempting to grab a salad (or burger) and work through lunch to get more done, but you don’t get the benefit of leaving the office (or at least your desk). Getting away can bring down your blood pressure, especially if eating at your desk means you’re also staring at the stack of papers on your desk.

6. Throw Multitasking Out the Window. Who created the campaign to sell us all on multitasking? We all buy into the idea that it helps us get more done, when it fact it’s counterproductive. Essentially, the more we try to do, the more our brain fizzles in between switching tasks, and the less efficient we are. Focus on what you’re doing for at least 15 minutes, then move to the next item on your list.

7. Stop Checking Your Email (So Much). This is a hard one for me. But it’s like #6. Every time you stop what you’re doing to check your email, your brain resets. Plus, how important could any email actually be that’s come in in the past 5 minutes? It can wait. Set specific times to check it.

These won’t take all the stress out of your work life, but they will help you manage it better. What tips would you add?

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