My name is Nellie Akalp. I’m CEO of, and no, this isn’t my first business.

It’s hard to imagine a life before social media, blogs, and cell phones, but that’s when I started my first business filing company with my husband: way back in 1997. Computers weren’t yet a part of nearly every home, and the world was still used to brick-and-mortar type businesses. But we saw an opportunity to help people start a business and set up their business structures over the Internet.

Thus, my first company, was born in December 1997.

Business boomed quickly, and we soon found ourselves the proud parents of a blossoming company, not to mention a growing family at home of a set of boy/ girl twins (now 11 years of age) and then two years later, a another little boy (now 9 years of age).

Then, in March of 2005, Intuit offered to buy us. We hadn’t planned to sell the company, but, as they say, they gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse.

Shifting Gears

I’d thought I’d be able to continue helping small businesses the way I had before the acquisition, but things didn’t turn out the way I expected. I didn’t enjoy working the way I had before. I’d lost my entrepreneurial drive and the entrepreneurial spirit was gone. It was time to leave.

My husband and I finally had what so many people wish they had: time and money to spend with our family, have more babies (we had another baby girl, almost 2 in May), to travel, and to try new business endeavors. I tried being leisurely. I tried starting businesses in other industries such as fitness and clothing. But that wasn’t the plan for me. I ended right back where I began: starting another business filing company once again.

I realized how much I love helping other entrepreneurs. I LOVE small business, being a small business owner, and helping other small business owners find the resources and tools they need to make their entrepreneurial dreams into a reality and grow their companies. So it was only natural that we started all over again with in 2009.

Lessons Learned for Round Two

This time, we knew what we were doing when we started our company CorpNet. We knew the ticket to fast growth, and are even prouder of our accomplishments at CorpNet than we were of our first company. We have built up a family with our staff, and we pride ourselves on remaining a small business that understands the specific needs of entrepreneurs when starting a business for the first time.

We help companies incorporate a business, create an LLC, register a business name by filing a DBA as a sole proprietorship or partnership, and a whole suit of other business filing services such as filing a trademark for your company name or tagline, or simply keep your business in corporate compliance. Best of all, we provide reassurance and support. After all, it’s a scary world out there. We aim to make the process of starting a business easier and less stressful and we pride ourselves in being in business together with our clientele through the lifetime of their business.

This time around, I’m all about balance and my staff knows it; I might take off early to watch one of my kids’ ball game or their tennis match, and I always make time for family vacations. My priority is my family, and I’m blessed to say that owning my own business has given us the financial and personal freedom, not to mention security that everyone family deserves.

As for what’s next for CorpNet? To continue to set the industry standard on providing new and existing business owners with the most comprehensive and cost-effective document filing services when it comes to starting, protecting, and managing a business. Our expert team of business formation specialists are dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs in every stage of the business building process and through our stellar customer service, we ensure stress-free success from beginning to end as YOUR Business is OUR Priority!

I’m sure many of you have dreamt of owning your own small business for quite some time. We want to help you take the first step by offering you a free start consultation on the phone or here on our website. We have all the documents and resources that you’ll need in making your small business dreams into a reality. Whatever stage you are at, we can help!